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Updated: opengl-1.1.0-10

Version 1.1.0-10 of the opengl package has been released.
This package contains OpenGL-related libraries: GLUT, GLUI, and GLUIX librairies 
to develop portable OpenGL programs that do not require an X server to run. 
These programs can display through the native Windows interface (Win32) 
and benefit from hardware and driver acceleration.
This update should solve the problems about a missing .lib file, such as:
The previous conflict with the w32api package over the libglut32.a file 
has been solved by the latest w32api package update, thanks to Chris Sutcliffe.
You must update to w32api-3.13-1 to update to opengl-1.1.0-10 . Automatic
dependency checking in the setup program should take care of that.
Unfortunately, users of the opengl package might have to change the way they 
build their applications. More specificaly, compiling with -I/usr/include/opengl 
is REQUIRED when the libGL-devel, libGLU-devel, libglut-devel packages are also 
installed. See:
Exerbs from the updated README.txt:
What has changed since opengl-1.1.0-9
The usr/lib/w32api/glut32.lib that was supposed to be provided was in fact
missing. The conflict over usr/lib/w32api/libglut32.a with the w32api package
has been resolved; that file is now part of the opengl package.

What has changed since opengl-1.1.0-8
A new symbolic link, /usr/include/opengl/GL -> /usr/include/w32api/GL was
added to be able to compile native OpenGL, GLU, GLUT, GLUI, and GLUIX program 
when the libGL-devel, libGLU-devel, libglut-devel packages are also installed. 
In that case, compiling with -I/usr/include/opengl is REQUIRED, 
otherwise the headers from libGL-devel, libGLU-devel, libglut-devel will be 
used, leading to missing functions at link time. If the libGL-devel, 
libGLU-devel, libglut-devel package are not installed, 
you can compile as usual.
A bug introduced in opengl-1.1.0-6 was corrected in glut.h. The bug caused the
program to continue to run in the background if its window was closed by using
the close (X) icon in the title bar. If you prefer to keep that behavior, you 
must recompile with -DGLUT_DISABLE_ATEXIT_HACK .
glut-examples was added to /usr/lib.
The helloGLUT example program was improved.
FAQ.txt was added.
- André Bleau, Cygwin's volunteer OpenGL package maintainer.
Please direct any question or comment about the OpenGL package to cygwin at cygwin dot com
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