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Updated: rxvt-20050409-8

RXVT is a VT102 terminal emulator for both X and Windows.

This release is intended to fix only one issue: the recent release of
modular X made some file system changes such that rxvt could not find
its system-default settings file.  Now it can.

This release does NOT attempt to address any other known bugs, and I
still have a few patch submissions sitting in my queue. Those will
probably be addressed during the cygwin-1.7 transition, not before.


----------  rxvt-20050409-8 -- 2008 Nov 15 ----------
* Adapt to issues with new modular X distribution
* Build with cygport 0.4.2 (STOCK)
* Correct setup.hint

----------  rxvt-20050409-7 -- 2007 Aug 27 ----------
* Fix handling of alt-backspace, introduced in -6

----------  rxvt-20050409-6 -- 2007 Aug 25 ----------
* Fix issue with font size
* Add Rxvt app-defaults
* revert to TERM=xterm
* Fix resources (missing icon)
* Add new icon from run.exe

----------  rxvt-20050409-5 -- 2007 Aug 20 ----------
* Fix ALT-Fn key
* default to TERM=rxvt instead of xterm



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