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Updated: cygwin-1.5.19-4

I've made a new version of the Cygwin DLL and associated utilities
available for download.  As usual, a list of what has changed is below.

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to the Cygwin
mailing list at: cygwin-at-cygwin-dot-com .


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Christopher Faylor
TimeSys, Inc.

Changes since 1.5.19-3:

corinna: Fix typo in sockaddr_storage ss_family name.

cgf: Remove DT_* macros from dirent.h until such time as d_type is actually

cgf: Fix problem in cygcheck where windows directory was assumed to be
first in path when looking for programs.

Changes since 1.5.19-2:

dave.korn: Remove stray debugging printf statement from cygpath -H.

Changes since 1.5.19-1:

corinna: Remove mingw and w32api directories which were errnoneously included in

Changes since 1.5.18-1:

cgf: Fix problem with non-cygwin programs which use pipes.

corinna: Export getline, getdelim.

cgf: Don't send notification to the parent if cygwin dll is loaded

cgf: Update malloc to version 2.8.2.

cgf: Rewrite bad argument checking for thread safety and improved speed.

cgf: Fix problem with spawn() of non-cygwin processes.

cgf: Define loff_t in types.h.

cgf: Define INET_ADDRSTRLEN in in.h.

arto.huusko: Fix fork problem when resources are low.

cgf: Add some linux-specific defines to ioctl.h.

cgf: Export pread() and pwrite().

sthoenna: Implement TIOCMBIS and TIOCMBIC.

corinna: Bounds check abstime in pthread_cond_timedwait.

mgorse: Fix possible seg fault when creating a detached thread.

cgf: Move more linux-like definitions into endian.h.

cgf: Fix problem where cygheap was miniscule in size rather than
many megabytes causing cygwin to prematurely run out of file handles
or to be incapable of handling long command lines.

cgf: Rework Makefile to allow separate debugging information to be

cgf: Try harder to generate EMFILE condition.

corinna: Export fts_children, fts_close, fts_get_clientptr,
fts_get_stream, fts_open, fts_read, fts_set, fts_set_clientptr,
ftw, nftw.

cgf: Add elf.h and friends to /usr/include.  This makes it easier
to build the linux kernel on cygwin.

cgf: Try harder to generate E2BIG when the command line length is
overrun on exec/spawn.

trcurtiss: Fix so that current baud rate of serial line is returned
regardless of DTR state.

corinna: Make cygwin more robust when running on 64-bit version of

ptsekov: Fix problems with stale subshells in MC caused by EOF in pty
slaves not being correctly propagated.

cgf: Report "cygdrive" and proc as directories in / even if they haven't
been explicitly created as directories.

cgf: Implement and export readdir_r.

cgf: Fix handling of signal masks in threads.

cgf: Allow use of /proc values as standard input to programs like 'cat'.

cgf: Set proper errno when attempting to execuate a directory.

cgf: Fix handling of pause() in a non-main thread.

corinna: Emulate linux version of realpath() more closely.

cgf: Make lseek on a tty invalid.

cgf: Detect attempts to run a .com file masquerading as a 16bit .exe file
which cause problems on Win98/Me.

corinna: Disable all special handling of CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT since it seems
to be sent too globally to be useful.

cgf: Fix stty "Not all operations could be performed" problem on serial ports
and allow "stty -a" to work on serial ports as well.

corinna: Fix open and stat on virtual subdirectories (/proc/registry, etc.)

corinna: Fix invalid errno handling in strerror.

corinna: Fix potential hang in pthread_cond_wait.

cgf: Fix annoying error pop-ups on Windows 98.

cgf: Report E2BIG when the size of an individual environment component is
> 32K.

cgf: Don't crash if the environment block grows greate than 32K.

corinna: Use Winsock 2 for everything.

cgf: Properly fill out si_code if siginfo_t structure.

sthoenna: Call signal handler with extra siginfo_t * and void *
parameters when SA_SIGINFO flag is set by a call to sigaction().

corinna: Make running on 64-bit windows slightly more robust.

cgf: Cleanup and speed up fork slightly.

cgf: Clean up and stabilize handling of /proc filesystem as well as
other operations which use cygwin's signal "commune" for inter-process

corinna: Add WinMainCRTStartup symbol as an alias for mainCRTStartup.

corinna: Properly deal with a trailing /.  or /..  when creating a

cgf: Try harder to avoid multi-threaded problems when exiting, communing, or
performing operations on the file table.

corinna: Implement mlock/munlock.

corinna: Implement futimes.

corinna: Deal with non-blocking sockets more robustly.

cgf: Export memmem.

cgf: Properly disconnect console when no ctty and last fd closes it.  Try hard
to ensure that that processes which start without an attached console do not
produce the dreaded "black box".

cgf: Fix SEGV from readv.

cgf: Always define BYTE_ORDER and other endian-related constants which were
previously protected with a __USE_BSD #ifdef.

cgf: Avoid always setting clock resolution to 1ms.  Just use standard
system resolution.  Implement clock_getres/clock_setres.

corinna: Add priority handling to syslog/vsyslog.

corinna: Fix recv/recvfrom/recvmsg to return EOF in case of remote
shutdown instead of ESHUTDOWN.

corinna: Make poll behave more sanely in case of EOF on sockets.

corinna: Convert struct msghdr to modern POSIX variation.

corinna: Make raw disk and floppy handling more robust.

cgf/corinna: Properly handle utimes on already-opened files as per

corinna: Export timelocal and timegm functions.

corinna: Make strptime's 'c' and 'Z' format specifier magically work.

brian: Add --package-query option to cygcheck to allow querying available
packages from the cygwin web site.

Christian.Franke: Distinguish CTRL-BREAK from CTRL-C in console window.

corinna: Change pagesize (getpagesize()/sysconf(_SC_PAGESIZE)) to 64K.

corinna: Revamp mmap thoroughly.  Use VirtualAlloc/VirtualFree for
private anonymous maps which also works fine now on 9x.  Add Linux mmap
flag MAP_NORESERVE for private anonymous maps.

cgf: Implement '-u' option for strace which turns off display of microsecond
timestamps in strace output.

cgf: Make strace follow fork and exec when used with -p.

corinna: Redesign mmap to make more robust - especially for anonymous mmap.

cgf: Make unsetenv return an int, as per linux.

cgf: Attempt to better detect windows time wraparound in high precision timers.

cgf: Reduce the potential for a race when cygwin is scanning the list of running
processes such that information on a just-exiting process can be out-of-date.

corinna: Always set sensible permission values when creating the ACL for symlinks.

corinna: Implement O_NOFOLLOW and _FNOFOLLOW.

corinna: Try again to fix problems with trailing dots in path components.

cgf: Fix problem where some environment variables were added to the environment
twice by a cygwin process started from a non-cygwin process.

cgf: Implement SA_RESETHAND.

cgf: Try harder to make a sound when a CTRL-G is sent to the screen.

ebb9: Add ", <, >, and | to list of characters considered "special" by managed mode

cgf: Avoid hangs if a fatal error occurs while the process is first starting up.

cgf: Don't assign a controlling terminal to a process when a file handle is dup()'ed.

ebb9: Export getsubopt.

cgf: Fix SEGV when running

cgf: Avoid race where a "real" tty could revert to handling characters in cooked mode,
specifically making CTRL-C do the wrong thing.

corinna: Have uname() indicate when we're running under a 64-bit version of Windows.

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