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New: libgc-6.4-1

libgc-6.4-1 has been added to Cygwin.

This is the initial release of libgc.

libgc is the Boehm-Demers-Weiser conservative garbage collector for
C/C++.  Can be used as a garbage collecting replacement for C malloc
or C++ new.

As always, you should conduct an appropriate level of testing before
using any new product in your production environment.

Canonical webpage:

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Save it and run setup, answer the questions and pick up
'perl' from the 'Interpreters' category, if you install it for the
first time, click on the 'skip' field next to 'perl' until '5.8.6-1'
is displayed.

Note that downloads from (aka aren't
allowed due to bandwidth limitations.  This means that you will need
to find a mirror which has this update, please choose the one nearest to

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list is the appropriate place.

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Bob Heckel

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