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Updated: cygutils-1.2.6-1

The cygutils package has been updated to 1.2.6. This version removes readlink.exe, which is now provided by the coreutils package. You may need to reinstall coreutils after installing this update. Also, this version makes some changes to the behavior of the conv program (and its cognates d2u, u2d, dos2unix, and unix2dos). See below.

o Changes from version 1.2.5-1
- readlink.exe removed
- conv.exe (and cognates):
  + --safe <default> and --force <not default> options added
  + no longer assumes that input is already in destination format if
    first encountered line ending happens to be in destinataion format.
    Rather, all line endings are always converted to destination format
    unless the file is binary (and --safe <default>).
  + binary files are detected by the presence of NULL bytes.
  + In --safe mode, if NULL bytes are detected in the input file,
    output file is untouched.  In --force mode, NULL bytes are treated
    like any other character and are copied from input to output -- and
    line endings ARE converted.
  + d2u turns both "\r\n" and "\r" into "\n"
  + u2d turns both "\n" and "\r" into "\r\n"

Charles Wilson

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