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Updated: automake-devel-1.7.2-1

Version 1.7.2-1 of the automake-devel package is now available. It contains GNU automake-1.7.2 installed into /usr/autotool/devel.

Changes from 1.7.1-1:
o updated to official 1.7.2 release
o requires autoconf-2.54 or newer
o no testsuite regressions (that is, any test that existed in 1.7.1
and was passed then, is still passed now in 1.7.2)
o Corrected (failed in 1.7.1, but now pass in 1.7.2)
o Continued test failures (failed in both 1.7.1 and 1.7.2)

Summary: 1 failures + 4 skips out of 437 tests.
See NOTES section, below.

Chuck Wilson

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link
on the web page. This downloads setup.exe to
your system. Save it and run setup, answer the questions and pick
up 'automake-devel' from the 'Devel' category.

Note that downloads from (aka aren't
allowed due to bandwidth limitations. This means that you will need
to find a mirror which has this update.

In the US,
is a reliable high bandwidth connection.

In Japan, is already

In DK, is usually up-to-date.

If one of the above doesn't have the latest version of this package
you can either wait for the site to be updated or find another

Please send questions or comments to the Cygwin mailing list at: . If you want to subscribe go to: I would appreciate if you would use
this mailing list rather than emailing me directly. This includes
ideas and comments about the setup utility or Cygwin in general.

If you want to make a point or ask a question the Cygwin mailing
list is the appropriate place.


To unsubscribe to the cygwin-announce mailing list, look at the
"List-Unsubscribe: " tag in the email header of this message. Send
email to the address specified there. It will be in the format:


Bugs fixed in 1.7.2:
* Fix installation and uninstallation of Info files built in
* Do not run `./configure --with-included-gettext' during `make
distcheck' if AM_GNU_GETTEXT([external]) is used.
* Correctly uninstall renamed man pages.
* Do not strip escaped newline in variables defined in one condition
and augmented in another condition.
* Fix ansi2knr rules for LIBOBJS sources.
* Clean all known Texinfo index files, not only those which appear to
be used, because we cannot know wich indexes are used in included
files. (PR/375, Debian Bug #168671)
* Honor only the first @setfilename seen in a Texinfo file.
* Treat "required file X not found" diagnostics as errors (exit status
* Don't complain that a required file is not found when it is a Makefile
target. (PR/357)
* Don't use single suffix inference rules when building `.info'-less
Info files, for the sake of Solaris make.
* The `check' target now depends on `$(BUILT_SOURCES)'. (PR/359)
* Recognize multiple inference rules such as `.a.b .c.d:'. (PR/371)
* Warn about multiple inference rules when -Wportability is used.
* Fix building of deansified files from subdirectories. (PR/370)
* Add missing `fi' in the .c->.obj rules.
* Improve install-sh to work even when names contain spaces or certain
(but not all) shell metachars.
* Fix the following spurious failures in the test suite:
depcomp2.test, gnits2.test, gnits3.test, python3.test, texinfo13.test
* Noteworthy manual updates:
- Augment the section about BUILT_SOURCES.
- Mention that AM_PROG_CC_STDC is a relic that is beter avoided today.


Test failures:

This is due to the 'cp -p' bug in fileutils. Check the cygwin mailing list archives for May 2002 for more info.

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