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2001-12-28 New on sourceware: Libxslt 1.0.9 Cygwin \(Robert Collins\)
2001-12-28 New on sourceware: LibXML2 2.4.12 Cygwin \(Robert Collins\)
2001-12-26 Updated: indent-2.2.7-1 Gerrit P. Haase
2001-12-26 Updated: bison-1.30-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-12-26 Updated: ctags-5.2-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-26 Updated: nano-1.0.7-1 Gareth Pearce
2001-12-26 Updated: tcsh-6.11.00-3 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-24 New on sourceware: robots-2.0-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-23 Updated: tcsh-6.11.00-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-23 Updated: tcsh-6.11.00-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-21 ezmlm warning cygwin-announce-help
2001-12-21 New on sourceware: units-1.77-1 Morrison, John
2001-12-20 Updated: file-3.37-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-20 New on sourceware: fortune-1.8-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-18 New on sourceware: libintl-0.10.38-3 Charles Wilson
2001-12-18 New on sourceware: libintl1-0.10.40-1 Charles Wilson
2001-12-18 Updated: gettext-0.10.40-1 Charles Wilson
2001-12-16 Updated: OpenSSH-3.0.2p1-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-15 New on sourceware: bc-1.06-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-12-13 New on sourceware: FIGlet-2.2-1 Carl Ebrey
2001-12-12 Updated: cURL-7.9.2-1 Kevin Roth
2001-12-12 Updated: automake-1.5b-1 Charles Wilson
2001-12-12 Updated: autoconf-2.52a-1 Charles Wilson
2001-12-11 Updated: inetutils-1.3.2-16 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-10 Updated: mutt-1.2.5i-6 email client Gary R. Van Sickle
2001-12-09 Updated: OpenSSH-3.0.2p1-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-07 Updated w32api-1.2-1 Earnie Boyd
2001-12-07 Updates mingw-runtime-1.2-1 Earnie Boyd
2001-12-05 New on sourceware: cygutils-0.9.7-1 Charles Wilson
2001-12-03 Updated: cygrunsrv-0.94-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-02 Updated: cygwin-1.3.6-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-12-02 Updated: autoconf-2.52-5 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-02 New on sourceware: automake-stable-1.4p5-5 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-02 New on sourceware: automake-devel-1.5-5 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-02 Updated: automake-1.5a-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-02 New on sourceware: autoconf-stable-2.13-4 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-02 New on sourceware: autoconf-devel-2.52-4 Corinna Vinschen
2001-12-02 Restructuring the automake and autoconf packages Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-29 Updated: shutdown-1.2-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-29 setup.exe updated current version is Robert Collins
2001-11-26 Updated: popt-1.6.2-1 Charles Wilson
2001-11-25 Updated: gzip-1.3.2-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-11-25 New on sourceware: mktemp-1.4-1 Charles Wilson
2001-11-25 New on sourceware: shutdown-1.2-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-25 Updated: gzip-1.3-2 Christopher Faylor
2001-11-25 Updated: make-3.79.1-5 Christopher Faylor , Christopher Faylor <>
2001-11-23 Updated: rsync-2.4.6-3 Lapo Luchini
2001-11-23 Updated: regex-4.4-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-23 Updated: pcre-3.7-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-21 Updated: OpenSSH-3.0.1p1-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-21 Updated: cURL-7.9.1-2 Kevin Roth
2001-11-20 New on sourceware: indent-2.2.6-2 Gerrit P. Haase
2001-11-20 Updated: OpenSSL-0.9.6b-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-19 New on sourceware: curl-7.9.1-1 Kevin
2001-11-19 New on sourceware: nano-1.0.6-1 Gareth Pearce
2001-11-18 New on sourceware: sharutils-4.2.1-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-17 Updated: OpenSSH-3.0.1p1-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-17 Updated: bash-2.05a-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-16 Updated: mt-2.0.1-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-16 Updated: which-1.5-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-16 Updated: bash-2.05a-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-15 Package list updated at the cygwin web site Christopher Faylor
2001-11-15 Package list updated at the cygwin web site Christopher Faylor
2001-11-14 Updated: groff-1.17.1 Christopher Faylor
2001-11-13 Setup.exe Updated Robert Collins
2001-11-11 [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: textutils-2.0.16-1 Matthew Smith
2001-11-11 Updated: cygwin-1.3.5-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-11-09 Updated: vim-6.0.93-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-08 Updated: OpenSSH-3.0p1-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-06 Updated: inetutils-1.3.2-15 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-05 Updated: cygwin-1.3.4-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-11-03 Updated: OpenSSH-2.9.9p2-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-11-02 Updated: vim-6.0.46-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-10-29 Updated: ash-20011018-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-10-19 Updated: gdb-20010428-2 Christopher Faylor
2001-10-18 Updated: wget-1.7-1 Hack Kampbjørn
2001-10-16 Updated: vim-6.0.11-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-10-15 Updated: ssmtp-2.38.7-3 Corinna Vinschen
2001-10-11 Updated: vim-6.0-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-10-03 New on sourceware: terminfo-5.2-1 Charles Wilson
2001-10-03 New on sourceware: libncurses6-5.2-2 Charles Wilson
2001-10-03 New on sourceware: libncurses5-5.2-1 Charles Wilson
2001-10-03 Updated: ncurses-5.2-7 Charles Wilson
2001-10-02 Updated: binutils-20011002-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-10-01 Updated: mutt-1.2.5i-5 Gary R. Van Sickle
2001-09-28 Updated: mutt-1.2.5i-4 Gary R. Van Sickle
2001-09-28 Updated: OpenSSH-2.9.9p2-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-09-27 Updated: vim-6.0-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-09-26 Updated: python-2.1.1-2 Jason Tishler
2001-09-20 Updated: cron-3.0.1-5 Corinna Vinschen
2001-09-17 Updated: mingw-runtime Earnie Boyd
2001-09-15 Updated: binutils-20010914-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-09-14 Updated: w32api-1.1-1 Earnie Boyd
2001-09-12 Inaccuracy in cygwin 1.3.3 release announcement Christopher Faylor
2001-09-12 Updated: cygwin-1.3.3 Christopher Faylor
2001-09-09 Updated: bash-2.05-8 Corinna Vinschen
2001-09-03 Updated: bash-2.05-7 Corinna Vinschen
2001-09-01 Important upcoming change in Cygwin 1.3.3 Christopher Faylor
2001-09-01 Updated: vim-5.8.9-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-08-28 Updated: automake-1.5-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-08-28 Updated: ash-20010827-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-08-25 Updated: termcap-20010825-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-08-24 Updated: perl-5.6.1-2 Gerrit P. Haase
2001-08-23 Updated: python-2.1.1-1 Jason Tishler
2001-08-23 Updated: postgresql-7.1.3-1 Jason Tishler
2001-08-09 Updated: lynx-2.8.4-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-08-05 Updated: binutils-20010802-1 (experimental) Christopher Faylor
2001-07-27 Updated: OpenSSL-0.9.6b-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-07-26 Updated: OpenSSH-2.9p2-3 Corinna Vinschen
2001-07-26 Updated: autoconf-2.52-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-07-16 Updated: OpenSSH-2.9p2-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-07-13 Updated: postgresql-7.1.2-3 Jason Tishler
2001-07-12 WARNING: Updating from OpenSSH-2.9p1-2 to OpenSSH-2.9p2-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-07-12 Updated: cygrunsrv-0.94-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-07-12 Updated: OpenSSH-2.9p2-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-07-11 Updated: cron-3.0.1-4 Corinna Vinschen
2001-07-07 Updated: ghostscript-6.51-1 Dario Alcocer
2001-07-04 Updated: jbigkit-1.2-4 Charles S. Wilson
2001-07-04 Updated: xpm-nox-4.1.0-1 Charles S. Wilson
2001-07-03 Updated: readline-4.2-3 Charles S. Wilson
2001-07-03 Updated: gettext-0.10.38-2 Charles S. Wilson
2001-06-26 Updated: make-3.79.3-4 Christopher Faylor
2001-06-17 Updated: gcc 2.95.3-5 Christopher Faylor
2001-06-16 Updated: textutils-2.0-2 Christopher Faylor
2001-06-15 New on sources: rsync-2.4.6-1 Lapo Luchini
2001-06-15 Updated: fileutils-4.1-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-06-13 New on sources: rsync-2.4.6-1 lapo
2001-06-12 Updated: tiff-3.5.6beta-2 Charles S. Wilson
2001-06-11 Updated: tiff-3.5.6beta-1 Charles S. Wilson
2001-06-10 New on sources: cron-3.0.1-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-06-06 Updated: jpeg-6b-4 Charles S. Wilson
2001-06-03 Updated: rxvt-2.7.2-6 Steve O
2001-06-03 New on sources: ctags-5.0.1-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-06-03 Updated: vim-5.8-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-06-01 Updated: rxvt-2.7.2-5 Steve O
2001-05-28 New on sourceware: xpm-nox-4.0.3-1 (replaces xpm-4.0.0-2) Charles S. Wilson
2001-05-27 Updated: setup.exe 2.57 Christopher Faylor
2001-05-25 Updated: postgresql-7.1.1-1 Jason Tishler
2001-05-24 New on sources: lynx-2.8.3-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-24 Updated: OpenSSH-2.9p1-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-24 New on sources: cygrunsrv-0.93-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-24 Updated: inetutils-1.3.2-14 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-22 Updated: inetutils-1.3.2-13 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-21 Updated: cygwin-1.3.2, w32api-20010520 Christopher Faylor
2001-05-17 Updated: rxvt-2.7.2-3 Steve O
2001-05-17 Updated: cygrunsrv-0.92-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-16 Updated: login-1.4-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-16 Updated: inetutils-1.3.2-12 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-14 New on sources: cygrunsrv-0.92 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-14 Updated: OpenSSH-2.9p1-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-14 Updated: OpenGL-1.1.0-5 Andre Bleau
2001-05-11 New on sources: rxvt-2.7.2-1 Steve O
2001-05-09 [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated Squid 2.4 Robert Collins
2001-05-09 New on sources: which-1.4 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-09 Updated: bash-2.05-6 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-08 Updated: bash-2.05-5 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-07 Updated: postgresql-7.1.1-1 Jason Tishler
2001-05-06 Updated: libpng-1.0.11-1 Charles S. Wilson
2001-05-03 Updated: bash-2.05-4 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-02 Updated on sourceware: ncurses-5.2-5 Charles S. Wilson
2001-05-02 New on sources: pcre-3.4-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-05-01 Updated: OpenGL-1.1.0-4 Andre Bleau
2001-04-30 Updated: bash-2.05-3 Corinna Vinschen
2001-04-28 Updated: gdb-20010428-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-04-26 Updated: ash-20010425 Corinna Vinschen
2001-04-25 Updated: gcc 2.95.3-4, binutils 20010425-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-04-24 Updated: cygwin, mingw, w32api Christopher Faylor
2001-04-24 Updated: bash-2.05-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-04-20 Updated: bash-2.05-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-04-18 Updated: gcc-2.95.3-3 Christopher Faylor
2001-04-13 New on sources: ssmtp-2.38.7-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-04-05 New on sources: mutt-1.2.5i-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-04-03 Updated: OpenSSH-2.5.2p2-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-04-02 New on sources: irc-20010101 Corinna Vinschen
2001-04-02 Updated: tcsh-6.10.00-3 Corinna Vinschen
2001-04-02 Updated: OpenSSH-2.5.2p2-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-03-27 Updated: tar-1.13.19-1, gzip-1.3-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-03-27 Updated: OpenSSH-2.5.2p2-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-03-26 Updated: ash-20010326 Corinna Vinschen
2001-03-25 Updated: sh-utils-2.0-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-03-25 Updated: groff-1.16-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-03-25 Updated: fileutils-4.0-3 Christopher Faylor
2001-03-18 New on sources: tetex-beta-20001218-1 Jerome BENOIT
2001-03-14 Updated: inetutils-1.3.2-11 Corinna Vinschen
2001-03-07 Updated: ghostscript-5.50-2 Kevin Wright
2001-03-07 New on sources: ssmtp-2.38.7-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-03-01 Updated: OpenSSH-2.5.1p2-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-02-09 Updated: bash-2.04-7 Corinna Vinschen
2001-02-09 Updated: patch-2.5-2 Corinna Vinschen
2001-02-06 New on sources: tcsh-6.10.00 Corinna Vinschen
2001-02-06 New on sources: file-3.33 Corinna Vinschen
2001-02-05 New on sources: mutt-1.2.5i-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-02-04 Updated: ncurses-5.2-4 Charles S. Wilson
2001-02-04 Updated: libpng-1.0.9-3 Charles S. Wilson
2001-02-04 Updated: zlib-1.1.3-6 Charles S. Wilson
2001-02-03 Updated: openssl-0.9.6 Corinna Vinschen
2001-02-02 Updated: bash-2.04-7 Corinna Vinschen
2001-01-31 Updated: cygwin-1.1.18-2, mingw-20010130-1, w32api-20010130-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-01-31 Updated: ash-20010129 Corinna Vinschen
2001-01-31 Updated: bash-2.04-6 Corinna Vinschen
2001-01-26 Updated: expect-20010117-1, dejagnu-20010117-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-01-25 New on sourceware: zip-2.3-1 Charles S. Wilson
2001-01-25 New on sourceware: unzip-5.41-1 Charles S. Wilson
2001-01-21 Updated: flex-2.5.4-1 Christopher Faylor
2001-01-19 Updated: inetutils-1.3.2-10 Corinna Vinschen
2001-01-10 Updated: OpenSSH-2.3.0p1-1 Corinna Vinschen
2001-01-10 New on sourceware: readline-4.1-2 Charles S. Wilson
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