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Updated: bzip2-1.0.1-6

I've just uploaded bzip2-1.0.1-6 to sourceware.  bzip2 provides the
bzip2.exe / bunzip2.exe executables, a patent-unencumbered but highly
effective compression tool.  

 (a) updated to 1.0.1 source 
 (b) provides libbz2 in both static lib and dll forms
 (c) info files copied into /usr/info (see NOTES)
 (d) dll is stripped
 (e) more NOTES below.


To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe
to your system.

Run setup and answer all of the questions.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE
choose a mirror site for your download.  The '' site
is badly overloaded.  The mirrors below have the latest version of this
package: (US)
(Germany) (Greece)

The setup.exe program will figure out what needs to be updated on your
system and should install the bzip2 package automatically. 

If you have questions or comments, please send them to the Cygwin
mailing list at: .  I would appreciate if you
would use this mailing list rather than emailing me directly. This
includes ideas and comments about the setup utility or Cygwin general.

If you want to make a point or ask a question the Cygwin mailing list is
the appropriate place.


If you want to unsubscribe to the cygwin-announce mailing list, look at
the "List-Unsubscribe: " tag in the email header of this message. Send
email to the address specified there.  It will be in the format:


o Building the package from source requires gcc-2.95.2-5 and
binutils-200001029-2 or later

o follows new naming scheme for dlls:
   /usr/lib/libbz2.dll.a    (import lib)
   /usr/lib/libbz2.a        (static lib)
   /usr/bin/cygbz21.0.dll   (dll **)
   cygwin-specific docs in /usr/doc/Cygwin/bzip2-1.0.1.README
   generic docs in /usr/doc/bzip2-1.0.1/*

(**) versioned dlls are the default; only extremely stable libraries
(like zlib) have unversioned dlls.  The bzip2 package specifies that the
so-name should be "1.0"; the '2' is part of the package name, not a
version.  Hence, 'cygbz21.0'

o post-installation:  you must run the following manually:
  'install-info --info-dir=/usr/info --info-file=/usr/info/'
  (We can't just untar the dir file, or /usr/info/dir gets clobbered.
Perhaps setup.exe can run install-info as a post-install step?)

o A cygwin-specific README and PATCH are stored in the source archive,
under <top>/CYGWIN-PATCHES/* (although that patch has already been
applied to the archive itself). The cygwin-specific README is also
installed by the binary distribution as described above.

o If you are building a package that depends on the bzip2 library, and
you wish to link *statically*, define -DBZLIB_STATIC to get the
'correct' #define's in bzlib.h when compiling the .o files in your
package. Also, use 'gcc -static' when linking your package.

o No special -Ddefine options or link options are needed when building a
package that depends on libbz2 and you want to link dynamically

--Chuck Wilson

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