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Updated: Cygwin 1.1.5-7, mingw-20001103-, w32api-20001111-1

I've updated the version of the cygwin DLL in cygwin/latest to 1.1.5.

A partial list of what has changed is below.  If anyone who has
submitted changes that are not mentioned below wants to chime in, please
feel free.  Also, apologies if I didn't attribute your change to you.

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe 
to your system.

Run setup and answer all of the questions.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE
choose a mirror site for your download.  The '' site
is badly overloaded.  The mirrors below have the latest version of this
package: (US) (Austria) (Switzerland)

The setup.exe program will figure out what needs to be updated on your 
system and should install the less package automatically.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to the Cygwin 
mailing list at: .  I would appreciate if you
would use this mailing list rather than emailing me directly. This
includes ideas and comments about the setup utility or Cygwin general.

If you want to make a point or ask a question the Cygwin mailing list is
the appropriate place.


If you want to unsubscribe to the cygwin-announce mailing list, look at
the "List-Unsubscribe: " tag in the email header of this message. Send
email to the address specified there.  It will be in the format:

Christopher Faylor
Cygwin Engineering Manager (and Developer)
Red Hat, Inc.

- New option for the CYGWIN environment variable set CYGWIN=case:ignorecase
  causes cygwin to do case-insensitive wildcard matching WHEN A PROGRAM IS

- Fix problem when pty master does single character reads and sees a

- mount --show-cygdrive-prefixes shows the text/binary mode for /cygdrive.
  (thanks to Jason Tishler)

- By popular demand the text for errno EAGAIN is no "Hit me again harder" (or
  something like that I don't remember exactly)  (courtesy of Jason Tishler)

- Any file which begins with a ".exe" magic number (e.g., a.out) is now
  considered executable.

- _readlink returns ENOENT when a file does not exist.

- Windows 95 socket errors have been eliminated or substantially reduced.
  (courtesy of Corinna Vinschen)

- Major speedup in tty I/O.

- /dev/mem

- The use of Windows pids, where possible, rather than cygwin-invented pids.
  (Unfortunately there is still a "cygwin pid" which is usually based on the
  windows pid of the last forked process.)

- An additional option to "ps": '-W' lists all Windows pids as well as Cygwin
  pids.  ps also lists complete information, including cygwin and windows pids, by

- An additional option to "kill", '-f' which will force the termination of any
  Windows or Cygwin process.

- True UNIX style argument list passing to cygwin subprocesses.  No more strange
  quoting of the command line to preserver white space, etc.

- True UNIX passing of environment variables to cygwin subprocesses.  No more
  conversion back and forth between Windows and UNIX formats.

- Improved (?) parameter passing, quoting, and parsing for non-cygwin processes.

- Preliminary /dev/clipboard read-only support. (Chuck Wilson)

- Properly identify Windows ME. (Corinna Vinschen)

- Fix for the unknown "__cygwin_dll_entry@12" problem.

- Fix for the "CTRL-S stops rxvt" forever problem.

- Fix for "CTRL-C doesn't seem to do anything at the bash prompt" problem.

- Fixes for current-working-directory problems.

- Fixes for a couple of problems found by Egor Duda's new cygwin testsuite.

- Fixes for overflow problems in select(), especially with non-standard
  fd_set sizes.

- Force pipes to be in binmode by default, like they were prior to 1.1.3.   

- Automatic extension of the fd table when required by dup2. (Corinna Vinschen)

- Allow any descriptor and any number of descriptors in poll().

- Fix for buffer overruns in syslog().

- Fix for readdir to only set errno when appropriate (should quiet CVS?).

- Fix for tcsendbreak to use correct time units.

- Fix for cygpath -u e:foo

- Allow newaction == oldaction in sigaction.

- Directories or files mounted with the '-x' bit will show up as executable
  in a directory listing.

- Proper return value for sleep() function when interrupted by a signal.

- Fix output of text with \r\n endings when fd is opened in text mode.

- Fix bogus date when mounting a FAT root directory.

- Fix CTRL-Z; kill %%; fg hanging problem.

- Generate inodes based on *case insensitive* version of filename.

- Fix for "couldn't send signal 20" problem in make.

- Fix for incorrect CPU usage statistics after a fork/exec.

- Additional strace options.

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