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Updated: gdb 20000608-1, tcltk 20000608

I've uploaded a new version of gdb (aka insight) to sourceware's
/pub/cygwin/latest/gdb directory.  This version should work better than
the broken version that I uploaded yesterday.  It actually does not exit
silently or give a cygwin stack trace on startup! I hope.

This version of gdb should be able to find files referenced on the
command line using the cygwin mount table (e.g.  'gdb /bin/ls') and
should be able to open files selected in the file dialog via their
Windows paths.

I've also made a couple of other modifications.  gdb no longer displays
DLLs as they are loaded.  Instead, you can get a list of DLLs via the
"info shared" command.

I also added a "dll-symbols" command for loading the symbols of a DLL

To update your installation, CREATE AN EMPTY DIRECTORY, cd to it, and
download the latest version of setup.exe from the cygwin/latest
directory at a cygwin mirror site near you.  Then type:

setup gdb

Answer the questions as you did when you first installed cygwin.  This
procedure will only update the gdb package.  If you have not previously
used the new setup.exe program to install a version of cygwin, you
probably will need to install the entire cygwin package for correct

Once the setup is complete you may remove this newly created directory.
It will contain the setup.exe program, a setup log file, and the
gdb tar file.  None of these are needed for further operation of gdb
but you can keep them around if you are interested in reinstalling
everything later.  The setup.log file contains diagnostics that will
be helpful if your installation failed for some reason.

For completeness, I've also uploaded a new version of tcltk sources
and binaries.  There is no need to download these if you are installing
gdb, however.  The gdb binary and source tar.gz files contain everything
in the tcltk files.

As usual, I have only updated sourceware.  The gdb files will take a
while to propagate to the mirror sites.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to the cygwin
mailing list at: .  I would appreciate
if you would use this mailing list rather than emailing me directly.

Christopher Faylor
GDB/Cygwin Engineering Manager
Red Hat, Inc.

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