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NEW versions of inetutils, login, crypt (Huh?)

Hi all,

I want to announce the latest versions of inetutils and friends.

All three packages are temporarily located in

because of the usage of 56 bit DES encryption in all three packages.
At the moment it's still unclear if we may release crypto related
sources/binaries on sourceware, so...

Anyway, the three packages are:

- inetutils-1.3.2-3.tar.gz

  This package has some bug fixes. The most important is
  the usage of explicit textmode open calls on configuration
  files. This allows to have eg. inetd.conf with DOS line endings
  also in binary mounted directories.

  The incredible new feature for 95/98 users is the usage of the
  56 bit DES crypt package for ftpd authentication.

  Another new feature of the package is that I have added some
  example configuration files under /etc, like
  and last but not least
  which by default disallows anonymous ftp.

- login-1.3.tar.gz

  The new version has NO new feature for NT/W2K users.
  The new feature is like in ftpd the usage of DES password
  checking for 95/98 users.

- crypt-1.0.tar.gz

  This package consists of a libcrypt.a and a matching
  crypt.h header file which provide the aforementioned
  56 bit DES encryption code.

  More important for 95/98 users is the included tool
  `crypt.exe' which allows testing as well as generating
  passwords. It's not that convenient as a real `passwd.exe'
  tool but that tool is already part of the cygwin package.
  Unfortunately it's useful for NT/W2K users but that's not
  the last word...

As always, have fun,

Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Developer
Cygnus Solutions, a Red Hat company

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