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New package `inetutils' in latest

I have uploaded a version of the inetutils ported
to Cygwin version 1.1.1 to
You will find it in latest/inetutils, named



This package is the actual port of inetutils-1.3.2 to Cygwin 1.1.1.

The base of that release is the port of Sergey Okhapkin.

Some additional patches are done to allow smooth working with
the current cygwin release and especially Windows NT service manager
and NT security.

The important changes in brief

- inetd:

  inetd must not be started via srvany but it has two new options:

        inetd --install-as-service
        inetd --remove-as-service

  When you already have inetd installed, please remove the service
  before installing the new one.

  If you have installed inetd it will be started automatically
  on reboot. Manually starting and stopping is possible via

        net start inetd
        net stop inetd

  Current caveat: inetd is visible twice in the process list.
  This is currently needed to work correctly with the service
  manager. This should be solved in a future release.

- ftpd:

  ftpd is now able to change user context with the help of
  NT security. This is useful mostly when using all features
  of the ntsec option of cygwin. The 'S-' and 'U-' fields in
  pw_gecos are taken into account as it's described in
  the 'login.README' file.

- ftp:

  ftp reports to be a UNIX system, so binary mode is ON by default
  with most servers.
What is working?

  rlogin        After EOF the user has to enter RETURN twice to get back
                to the prompt.
  rshd          Works only once per 10 minutes. This seems to be
                related to some winsock error because rshsvc from
                the NT resource kit has the same problem.
  syslogd       Superfluous for NT because syslog output is generated

What is not yet working?

  rexecd        Invalid handle error
  tftp          Permission errors
  tftpd         Permission errors

Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Developer
Cygnus Solutions, a Red Hat Company

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