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Re: Offer of membership in Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc. to Crosstool-ng

Anthony Foiani wrote at 22:33 (PDT) on Tuesday:
> It looks like the Conservancy also mailed individual contributors, a
> nicety which is very much appreciated.

Indeed, it's important for Conservancy to let everyone know what's going
on with joining Conservancy.  The whole project joins Conservancy when
this happens.

> I contributed far less to crosstool-ng than I got back from it. For
> those meagre contributions, I am happy to assign them to Yann, the
> Conservancy, or to whatever entity ends up holding the rights to the
> tool.

To be clear, Conservancy doesn't *require* copyright assignment.  It's
an option for our projects, but most of our projects don't do it.  

> If a more formal mechanism is needed, please let us know.

So, Anthony, since you've already licensed your contributions under
Crosstool-ng's license, there's nothing more you need to do!

The main issue for everyone with Crosstool-ng joining Conservancy is
that any assets the project *does* end up holding (be they copyrights,
money, trademarks, etc.), those assets are held by Conservancy on behalf
of the project and they will be in a 501(c)(3) entity.
Bradley M. Kuhn, President, Software Freedom Conservancy

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