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cannot build crosstool due to Makefile issues (mixed implicit and normal rules)


I have downloaded the latest version of the tool aka 1.18. I've
configured it for powerpc-unknown-nofpu-linux-gnu.

In my first iteration I encountered an error build the mfpr library
and on searching the internet came across a similar issue by a user
earlier in which Yann advised the fellow to manually upgrade his mfpvr
library. Hence a quick menuconfig later in which I selected a higher
version of mfpr, this issue seemed to have ceased.

Later my build failed during the kernel header installation phase (as
part of Installing pass-1 core C compiler) and on probing build.log
realized that it is due to the concerned Makefile (within
arch/powerpc/kernel/) having a format which the newer makefile on my
machine (version 3.82) does not like. Now I believe the kernel might
be full of such old fashioned makefiles so I switched to a newer
kernel (2.6.36). The default was set to use 2.6.31.

Having done that, the 'Installing kernel headers' phase went fine.
However this time, it failed in the 'Installing C library headers &
start files' phase. This is what the build.log file has to say now:

[ALL  ]    /usr/bin/make  subdir=manual -C manual ..=../ install-headers
[ALL  ]    make[3]: Entering directory
[ALL  ]    Makefile:240: *** mixed implicit and normal rules.  Stop.
[ALL  ]    make[3]: Leaving directory
[ERROR]    make[2]: *** [manual/install-headers] Error 2

This one is again the same problem encountered before. I could again
select a higher version via menuconfig and continue only to fail at
some other step.

Now I want to know whether this is the case for everyone or am I doing
something wrong here. Do I need to downgrade my Make or use a lower
version of Make (3.81 instead of the default 3.82 on my host)
temporarily for this to work?

I am really stumped on this one. Keen to hear your suggestions, replies etc.


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