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Re: [Maybe a boring Question] Why not GIT?

Hi Yann,

On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 9:42 PM, Yann E. MORIN <> wrote:
> Brock, All,
> On 2013-08-08 09:47 +0800, spake thusly:
>> I found that github has ct-ng dir, but the latest update is 3 years ago.
>> Does this great project has any plan to use GIT?
>> Any comment on it?
> Oh... That's been a long time since that one came last...
> OK, a bit of history:
>   - first I slightly hacked on the original crosstool (then maintained
>     by Dan Kegel), and there was no repository, only occasional tarball
>     releases
>   - then I hacked a bit more, and that eventually became crosstool-NG
>   - this was done in subversion, since I was really comfortable with it
>   - I eventually reached the limits of svn especially when I witnessed
>     an unrecoverable repository crash twice in a row, with no apparent
>     reason
>   - I looked at the other existing possibilities (circa 2009-07):
>     - cvs? Muahaha!
>     - bazaar: you must be kidding me! ;-)
>     - git: widespread, powerfull, yet very complex to get up to speed;
>       one needs his flight license and 200h in active duty before beinf
>       able to at least land a merge sanely.
>     - Hg: repository set up and live in two hours, with no prior
>       knowledge of a DVCS.
>   - choice made: Hg that was to be.
> Now, time has passed, I am now confident in my git abilities (although I
> am far from being an expert). When I get some time, I'll migrate to git,
> but there is n oschedule for this.

You must me kidding me!

In fact, I was very happy to see that crosstool-ng was using hg
instead of git. The learning curve, documentation, and simplicity are
all positive points of hg, and (although I admit I haven't spend
enough time _trying_ to understand git) these are points in which git
seems to be lacking.
When I'm contributing to open-source projects using git, I use the
hg-git extension to convert it to hg and I send patches from there.
Surely the git people can do the same for this one hg project?

Anyway, feel free to migrate to git as you please, but do understand
that I will be forced to give you an angry look next time I see you!

Best regards,

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