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Re: [Maybe a boring Question] Why not GIT?

Brock, All,

On 2013-08-08 09:47 +0800, spake thusly:
> I found that github has ct-ng dir, but the latest update is 3 years ago.
> Does this great project has any plan to use GIT?
> Any comment on it?

Oh... That's been a long time since that one came last...

OK, a bit of history:
  - first I slightly hacked on the original crosstool (then maintained
    by Dan Kegel), and there was no repository, only occasional tarball
  - then I hacked a bit more, and that eventually became crosstool-NG
  - this was done in subversion, since I was really comfortable with it
  - I eventually reached the limits of svn especially when I witnessed
    an unrecoverable repository crash twice in a row, with no apparent
  - I looked at the other existing possibilities (circa 2009-07):
    - cvs? Muahaha!
    - bazaar: you must be kidding me! ;-)
    - git: widespread, powerfull, yet very complex to get up to speed;
      one needs his flight license and 200h in active duty before beinf
      able to at least land a merge sanely.
    - Hg: repository set up and live in two hours, with no prior
      knowledge of a DVCS.
  - choice made: Hg that was to be.

Now, time has passed, I am now confident in my git abilities (although I
am far from being an expert). When I get some time, I'll migrate to git,
but there is n oschedule for this.

Anyway, there exist Hg <-> git converter, and one can even use git to
work with an Hg repository in the meantime.

Yann E. MORIN.

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