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Re: Feature request: Fix-and-continue

Blair, All,

On 2013-07-29 14:50 -0700, Blair Burtan spake thusly:
> I wish there was a way to implement a Fix-and-continue feature for CT-NG.
> By this I mean that when the build of a particular component fails whose
> existence isn't critical to a working toolchain e.g. The debug tools, allow
> me to turn them off in the config and continue with the build process.

This is not posible, since there is no way to know how a change in the
.config may (adversely) impact the toolchain.

The current behaviour is by design.

However, you may get something like what you want by enabling the
so-called debug-shell:
    Paths and misc options  --->
        [*] Debug crosstool-NG
        [*]   Interactive shell on failed commands

Note that this must be set prior to running the toolchain. of course,
and can not be set afterwards.

Yann E. MORIN.

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