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Hi Yann, all:

I maintain the ttylinux mini-distribution and I am
switching to use CT-NG and stop maintaining my own
crosstool chain builder. I've stopped working on the
ttylinux build system and I am making a more general
small Linux build system,

(Yeah, I know I should just use buildroot, but the
fun for me is in the doing.)

So, when I make the various ttylinux bootable
binary distributions available for download, I need
to (comply with the GPL) make the sources available,
so my ttylinux build system also makes an ISO image
of the source tarballs that comprise the binary
bootable ISO image.

My internal crosstool chain builder exported the
source tarballs and the applied patches and a
manifest (a grep-able text file) that lists the
tarballs and the URL from where they came. This
is only for the target parts that end up in the
tool-chain sysroot.

Is this a capability that you would accept in CT-NG?
Maybe as a patch to have the capability integrated, or
maybe a contrib script that figures it out from
the .config?

I kindof don't want to dig through the CT-NG scripts
to make such a patch, but having this automated would be
a big help.

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