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Re: Building the GCC manuals

BenoÃt, All,

On Thursday 03 May 2012 12:41:20 BenoÃt ThÃbaudeau wrote:
> I get random build issues for Linaro GCC if using parallel jobs, probably
> because of some broken dependencies. It often fails at
> "CT_DoExecLog ALL make ${JOBSFLAGS} pdf html".
> I was wondering: Why do you use ${JOBSFLAGS} here, but not on line 449:
> "CT_DoExecLog ALL make pdf html"?

Because I did not review the patch properly enough before I applied it? ;-)
  hg log -pvr 6c5658b8b588

Note the comment about not building in parallel for glibc, too.

Indeed, I remember a case where the manuals did not build, but as I did not
care about manuals at that time, I switched them off to continue debugging
what I was doing at the time, and did not check again later.

If disabling parallel jobs helps build the manuals, then by all means lets
disable parallel jobs when building manuals.

Yann E. MORIN.

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