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verify NEON support in cross toolchain

I'm using Crosstool-NG 1.8.2 to get a cross toolchain for a BeagleBoard.
I'm trying to verify the NEON support.  I've enabled the following two
configuration options:


However, when I try to build the xorg omap driver I get the following

CC sw-exa.lo
{standard input}: Assembler messages:
{standard input}:105: Error: bad instruction `vld1.u8 {d0},[r1]!'
{standard input}:108: Error: bad instruction `vld1.u8 {d1},[r4]!'
{standard input}:109: Error: bad instruction `vld1.u8 {q1},[r7]!'
{standard input}:110: Error: bad instruction `vzip.u8 d0,d1'
{standard input}:111: Error: bad instruction `vld1.u8 {q2},[r6]!'
{standard input}:112: Error: bad instruction `vst2.u8 {q0,q1},[r5]!'
{standard input}:113: Error: bad instruction `vmov.u8 q1,q2'
{standard input}:114: Error: bad instruction `vst2.u8 {q0,q1},[sl]!'
make[5]: *** [image-format-conversions.lo] Error 1

I think this means that neon is not enabled, but I can't be sure yet. 

Is there some test I can run to check if the neon support is correctly
turned on?  The complete config file is on my site:

Michael J. Hammel <>

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