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Re: Building arm toolchain with uCLibc

Steve, All,

On Friday 25 February 2011 025744 Steve Johnson wrote:
> I successfully build a toolchain for arm using crosstool-ng configured
> using the standard c library. However, when I tried to change the
> configuration to use uClibc I get the following error:
> [INFO ]? Checking C library configuration
> [DEBUG]??? Testing '-n? -a -f '
> [ERROR]??? You did not provide a uClibc config file!
> Why do I need to provide a uClibc config file? What did I do wrong?

You did nothing wrong. :-)

The configuration of uClibc is very versatile, and you can tailor it to your
specific needs. Doing so can change the ABI of the C library, therefore the
uClibc configuration has to be known before we can build uClibc.

I was thinking lately about bundling a default one with crosstool-NG, and
let the user override it in the configuration, but it is difficult to come
with a generic-enough .config file, so the user has to provide its own for

Yann E. MORIN.

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