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Re: ct-ng -> git repos instead of single patches

* Allan Clark <> wrote:

> Of the others who do agree that patches are KISS, and who want an
> atomic "handoff" that says "10 years from now, this binary spool will
> still work without need of an external site, firewall access, or
> networking", you're trying to make that choice for them.

And this cannot be done w/ git ?
Why not just handing-off an complete git repo ?

> Take for example the handoffs of Bulverde toolchains -- in keeping
> with their GPL obligations, intel used to offer a full download and/or
> media completely including an approved, supported toolchain; your
> change makes that impossible

Why so ?
What's the problem to put an git repo into the tarball ?

BTW: are we speaking of source or binary distribution ?

> Adopting git means that the company's existing SCM is valueless (they
> kept it for a reason -- other SCMs do offer things git doesn't have),
> and they need to approve/maintain/support it plus regularly sync
> in/out form their current SCM.

The same has to be done w/ text-based patches and external tarballs.
(from git side, easily scriptable). They'll still have to maintain
(means: apply and later create) separate patches - their SCM cannot
offer any help here (besides just archiving patch files themselves).

BTW: what do other SCM's offer that git cannot ?

BTW#2: I'm currently working for a company which (for certain strange
political reasons) uses TFS. Needless to say its buggy and slow by
design (let's just consider their stone-aged single-file based approach,
which makes the whole area of branching extremly complex and error-
prone - M$ tells it in its own papers - and not even daring to think
of important operations like rebase ...). And, of course, it's almost
unusable from GNU/Linux side (or anywhere else outside MSVC). Takes
about 10% of my daily time to transfer the changes from/to TFS ;-o

> So your change both forces that choice to switch to git, and means
> that GPL obligations are more difficult or impossible.  

How exactly does the GPL limit _using_ the git vcs ?

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