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Re: toolchain for powerpc e500v2

Am 09.02.2011 um 18:18 schrieb Yann E. MORIN:
>> As said above, I'd drop further work for glibc in favor
>> of a (besides few GNU/BSD incompatibilities) smooth eglibc build, otherwise.
> There's already a powerpc-e500v2-linux-gnuspe sample that uses eglibc-2.10.
> Did you try this? Did you try with crosstool-NG 1.10.0?
Yann, all,

more or less.
I simply switched to eglibc 2_9 from my glibc config.
That works immediately besides the GNU/BSD portability issues I reported
in another mail. Works also means that the compiler issues the right
FP instructions without command line options.
Today, I managed to fire up the system relying on this tool chain.
All basic system programs seem to work.
Testing software with heavy floating point usage is still on the list.

I noticed that in the sample config you set some configuration options
I did not find them when grepping -r through binutils.
Are they gratuitious or did I miss something?

And (admittedly, with only 10 line long test program) I cannot see that
-Wa,e500x2 as CFLAGS does something.
Is this required?


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