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Re: toolchain for powerpc e500v2

Am Mi, 9.02.2011, 09:00 schrieb Bryan Hundven:
> On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 11:05 PM, Titus von Boxberg <> wrote:
>> Bryan, Yann, all,
>> glibc-2.9 now builds.
>> The settings required are
>> - hard fp in ct-ng
>> - disabling fp in glibc (--without-fp)
>> - possibly the assembler flag -Wa,e500x2 in CFLAGS
>> - patching away in a powerpc-makefile the rule to use
>> Â?CFLAGS+=-msoft-float when given --without-fp to configure
> Hmm. Something sounds odd here. you want a hard float toolchain, but
> add -msoft-float?
My "naive" approach to copy my existing, working powerpc configuration
and adding the options for the e500v2 failed.
Roughly the steps given above were necessary for me
to get such a configuration working.
I added --without-fp to glibc's configuration flags because from the errors I got,
I assume that glibc's configuration cannot handle the case that you have
hard float with an incompatible FPU.
The powerpc specific Makefile then simply adds -msoft-float to CFLAGS.
This addition I patched away because that's clearly not what I would want:
The e500v2 has an incompatible, but not no FPU.
*Then* I got an error free build of glibc.

>> I did not test the result.
>> If you are interested in a more detailed description of the steps
>> I found nessecary, I'd start again from scratch and send you a
>> protocol of the errors without those steps.
>> I'd rather concentrate on eglibc because these problems and
>> (untested) solutions look a bit too weird for me.
> weird. What is your build host? did you have any changes to ctng
> before you started seeing these problems? what does your config look
> like?
My build hosts are Mac OS and Opensuse.
Would you please either confirm or deny that you have built / can build
glibc-2.9 for your e500v2 hard float tool chain?
If so, mind to send me the configuration so that I can test it?
And, if not, are you or Yann interested in possibly necessary patches
or a sample of a working configuration?
As said above, I'd drop further work for glibc in favor
of a (besides few GNU/BSD incompatibilities) smooth eglibc build, otherwise.

Thanks and Regards

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