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portable build of eglibc

Yann, all,

I found that the eglibc (at least 2_9/2_10) build is not portable
to non-linux systems.
The few required patches are about the sunrpc compiler, and the
time zone info compiler requiring gettext, and using the gnu
specific strpncpy(3).

And, at last, I found out why you require in ct-ng's
configure that there is an objdump ;-)

eglibc's configure wants to figure out what binutils to call
and uses the gcc-core-shared -print-prog-name=xxx.
This compiler does not know about the binutils already compiled
and simply prints e.g. 'objdump' without a path.
The correct way would be to give eglibc's configure the
parameter --with-binutils=<pathtojustcompiledbinutils>
Then the correct objdump etc. gets used.
I recommend to introduce this option for eglibc's configure
even when you do not want the other patches.

If you are interested, I'd send you the other patches for the
head revision of ct-ng.


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