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crosstool-NG 1.7.0 is out

Hello all!

I'm pleased to announce the release of crosstool-NG 1.7.0!

As usual, there has been quite a number of improvements, new features,
and bug fixes all around. The most notable changes are listed below:

- 2 new architectures have been added: Blackfin and mips64
- building canadian-crosses has been enhanced
- experimental support for gcc-4.5 has been added
- eglibc can be optimised for size (instead of speed)
- companion libraries can be built statically, removing the need for a wrapper
- many components versions have been added, and associated patchsets updated
- some less important new features, or enhancements for stability and usability
- a lot of bug-fixes, of which some to help on Darwin & *BSD

This marks the beginning of the 1.7 maintenance branch, and the end of
the previous maintenance branch. As always, comments and suggestions
are most welcome!

The release can be found at the following URLs:

As a reminder, the home for crosstool-NG is:

Crosstool-NG also has a Freshmeat page:

Many thanks to the people who contributed to this release:

    103  Yann E. MORIN
      6  Remy Bohmer
      6  Titus von Boxberg
      4  Thomas Petazzoni
      3  Arnaud Lacombe
      2  Bart vdr. Meulen
      2  Zhuang Yuyao
      1  Bart vdr Meulen
      1  Nate Case
      1  Richard Strand

Here is the per-author shortlog:

    Arnaud Lacombe:
        [1880] cc/gcc: fix recent gcc build
        [1881] cc/gcc: fix thread-less final gcc build
        [1882] libc/uclibc: add uClibc 0.9.31

    Bart vdr Meulen:
        [1896] scripts: prevent trailing - in CT_TARGET

    Bart vdr. Meulen:
        [1895] [CT-NG:patch 05/19] Force autoreconf for mpfr
        [1897] binutils: allow choice for elf format when building bare-metal
               cross compiler

    Nate Case:
        [1859] scripts/populate: add option to use an alternate sysroot

    Remy Bohmer:
        [1898] cc/gcc: add bugurl and compiler version to core gcc compiler
        [1902] libc/newlib: the m68k processor does not like unaligned
        [1924] cc/gcc: fix cc symlink when executables have an extension
        [1925] cc/gcc: allow building a canadian bare-metal compiler
        [1926] cc/gcc: use proper host compiler for canadian bare-metal
        [1927] scripts: check g++ only for host

    Richard Strand:
        [1796] libc/eglibc: Add option to optimize for size

    Thomas Petazzoni:
        [1886] Fix the uClibc clean-up-O_CLOEXEC-handling patch
        [1887] Re-enable the FD_PIC ELF configuration option
        [1910] Add basic support for the Blackfin architecture
        [1911] samples: add Blackfin sample

    Titus von Boxberg:
        [1797] comp-libs/mpfr: fix build on Darwin
        [1798] scripts/functions: fix date munging when ns are not available
        [1799] scripts: use kernel name (uname -s) when system name (uname -o)
               is not availabe
        [1800] scripts: also dump the rest of the environment
        [1813] scripts/samples: use the computed '$(sed)', not 'sed'
        [1814] scripts: use more portable sed options

    Yann E. MORIN:
        [1791] samples: update samples
        [1801] config: re-order the log entries inthe menuconfig
        [1802] kernel/linux: add latest
        [1803] scripts: add action to extract config from a build.log file
        [1804] scripts/showsamples: fix non-POSIX construct
        [1805] cc/gcc: simplify the _or_later stuff
        [1806] scripts: fix dumping 'other environment'
        [1807] binutils/binutils: fix using GMP and MPFR
        [1808] complibs: split-up selection for individual libs
        [1809] complibs: simplify config file
        [1810] complibs: hide companion libraries for target entry
        [1811] comp-libs: make libelf a companion library
        [1812] samples: fix this MIPS eglibc-based sample
        [1817] complibs: remove headers after build
        [1818] kernel/linux: add latest and 2.6.33, remove old
        [1819] libc/uClibc: vampirise patches for from builroot
        [1820] debug/ltrace: fix building on x86
        [1821] debug/ltrace: properly fix building for powerpc
        [1822] scripts: add script to make a release
        [1827] libc/glibc: add patch to fix binutils version check
        [1829] scripts: fix completion to show samples
        [1833] scripts: enhance and fix the release script
        [1837] scripts: fix the release script to use the C locale
        [1839] debug/gdb: fix building the native tic
        [1840] kernel/linux: add latest versions and
        [1841] samples: fix samples
        [1842] config: prepare for build-system backend
        [1843] kconfig: silence a warning about undefined env variable
        [1844] config: hide entries when in backend mode
        [1845] scripts: fix dumping config
        [1846] scripts: fix dumping the config for companion libraries
               for target
        [1847] complibs: hide prompts
        [1848] cc/gcc: fix use of companion libraries
        [1849] debug/gdb: split menuconfig for easier maintenance
        [1850] debug/gdb: can't build a static native gdb if using GMP/MPFR
        [1851] debug/gdb: add option to use GMP and MPFR
        [1852] debug/gdb: add handling of 7_0_or_later
        [1853] debug/gdb: gdb>=7.0 can use MPC, enable for cross-gdb
        [1854] tools: move sstrip to the binary utilities menu
        [1855] binutils/sstrip: depends on ELF
        [1856] binutils/sstrip: get rid of ELFkickers
        [1857] cc/gcc: fix building for powerpc for the 4.4.x series
        [1858] binutils/sstrip: fix when sstrip is disabled
        [1860] scripts/populate: add -m option, to merge source and dest
        [1861] scripts/populate: properly locate the sysroot and required tools
        [1862] scripts/populate: fix handling the forced libraries list-file
        [1863] scripts/populate: cleanups and misc fixes
        [1864] scripts/populate: optimise search loop
        [1865] config: hide paths when used as a backend
        [1866] config: hide more config options when a backend
        [1867] config: hide options to debug crosstool-NG when a backend
        [1868] config: hide arch and kernel selection when used as a backend
        [1869] config: move backend-related options to their own file
        [1870] config: fix style issues when source-ing files
        [1871] libc/glibc: add patch to ports-2.9 to fix sjlj from ARM FPU
        [1872] scripts/addToolsVersion: fix handling libelf
        [1873] complibs: update versions
        [1874] debug/gdb: update version to 7.1
        [1875] kernel/linux: add latest versions:
        [1876] scripts: misc help and auto-complete fixes
        [1877] config: do not force setting kernel and arch
        [1878] config: allow libc selection in backend mode
        [1879] complibs/gmp: fix patch against 5.0.1
        [1888] scripts: add script to publish patches
        [1889] complibs/mpfr: fix extract
        [1890] config: replace COMP_LIBS with COMPLIBS
        [1891] complibs: build static libraries
        [1892] complibs: allow either static or shared build
        [1893] complibs: don't install in toolchain dir when built as static
        [1894] complibs: save directory with static complibs for stop/restart
        [1899] debug/gdb: remove snapshot version
        [1900] libc/newlib: only compute version string, not full filename
        [1901] scripts/functions: make CT_Patch dumber
        [1903] scripts/functions: fix CT_Patch
        [1904] Revert 3ea4e6f7b85f: Force autoreconf for mpfr
        [1906] scripts/functions: fix CT_Patch again
        [1907] scripts/functions: add a save/restore handler
        [1908] scripts/functions: compress with gzip level 3, as stated in
               the documentation
        [1909] scripts/functions: log the test strings
        [1912] complibs/gmp: mark 5.0.1 as being experimental
        [1913] scripts: don't print the build system guess warning
        [1914] debug/gdb: allow static build with complibs
        [1915] debug/gdb: reorder options in the menuconfig
        [1916] debug/gdb: remove insight
        [1917] complibs/libelf: build target libelf in its own directory
        [1918] complibs/libelf: enable the host build
        [1919] complibs/libelf: remove old versions
        [1920] cc/gcc: add support for 4.5.0 or later versions
        [1921] cc/gcc: add 4.5.0
        [1928] scripts: also prepare include symlink to sysroot/include
        [1929] libc/glibc: fix kernel version check
        [1930] libc/newlib: don't do // downloads
        [1935] scripts/savesample: be silent when checking for .config file
        [1936] arch/sh: fix type in variant handling
        [1937] docs: update the section about the wrapper
        [1938] scripts: don't set LD_PRELOAD with static companion libraries
        [1939] debug/gdb: be less verbose during the ncurses build
        [1940] debug/gdb: install tic in the buildtools directory
        [1941] samples: update
        [1942] docs: update the known issues
        [1943] scripts/mk-release: pretty-up the per-author stats

    Zhuang Yuyao:
        [1815] arch: add mips64
        [1816] binutils/binutils: add patch to default emulation for mips64

The short diffstat follows:

    Total                    10024(+/-)
    samples/                  51.8%
    patches/                  19.2%
    config/debug/              4.6%
    scripts/build/companion_   2.1%
    scripts/build/cc/          1.2%
    scripts/build/debug/       1.0%
    Others                    19.8%

Thanks for your attention,
Yann E. MORIN.

|  Yann E. MORIN  | Real-Time Embedded | /"\ ASCII RIBBON | Erics' conspiracy: |
| +33 662 376 056 | Software  Designer | \ / CAMPAIGN     |  ___               |
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| | _/*\_ | / \ HTML MAIL    |   v   conspiracy.  |

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