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Re: Building a static toolchain ?

Arnaud, All,

On Saturday 10 April 2010 19:28:16 Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> On Saturday 10 April 2010 19:20:29 Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> > What I thought. But cloog is built with:
> >  --with-host-libstdcxx='-Wl,-Bstatic,-lstdc++,-Bdynamic -lm'
> > I have tried to manually link the sucker, but to no avail. I have to
> > understand why on earth libtool passes the above link flags *before* the
> > other libs. It must be *after*, or the libstdc++ will not be parsed for
> > required symbols.
> Yes, that was the issue. Passing -Wl,-Bstatic,blabla after all the other
> libraries fixes it.
> Sigh. I hate libtool. Period.

OK, that's because libtool reoders the arguments list, so that all libraries
( args staring with -l ) comes after all library paths ( args starting with
-L ). And it does so by moving all non -l arguments to the beginning of the
list, and all -l arguments at the end of the list.

Unfortunately, -Wl,-Bstatic,-lstdc++,-Bdynamic does not start with -l, so
it is moved before all -l args, and thus libstdc++ is scanned before any of
its members is needed, so it does not get linked.


Passing LDFLAGS=-lstdc++ seems to be enough, though.

> Forget about it, I now have a hammer, and a nail to... nail.

Done. We might be able to get rid of the wrapper very shortly, I hope.

Yann E. MORIN.

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