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[CT-NG:patch 00/19] Series for several new toolchains and canadian support

This series of patches of Bart and some of myself adds support and fixes for several
canadian builds and architectures:

With this series it becomes possible to build cross compilers for these targets:
* arm926ej-s-glibc-linux
* arm926ej-s-uclibc-linux
* m68k-bare-metal (tested on Motorola 68332 CPU)
* x86-glibc

The biggest change is that these hosts systems are now supported for the above
cross compiler targets:
* linux (tested on X64_64)
* Windows (Mingw, via Canadian build)

For all these toolchains the build system has been a x86_64 Linux box (i.e.
Ubuntu 8.10, 9.04 and 9.10).
The Windows hosted cross compilers are thus build by means of a 'Canadian build'.

Further, to be able to build all Windows-hosted toolchains on a Linux box a
cross compiler is required for host(+build)=Linux and target=Mingw. Support/Fixes
for this compiler toolchain is added as well.

Further there are experimental patches for target 'Cygwin' as well, which allows
for running a linux hosted cross toolchain that targets Cygwin environments.

When this series has been applied I will provide example config files and a manual
(wiki-update?) that describes how the Canadian build can be used.

Kind regards,


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