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Re: crosstool vs. crosstool-ng


On Friday 06 November 2009 11:59:52 Harold Grovesteen wrote:
> Recently I used crosstool to build a toolchain for s390 target on 
> Intel.  Following that, I found this list list and started to see 
> messages about crosstool-ng.  Downloaded it.  crosstool-ng I realize 
> does not support s390.  But, crosstool seems to have stopped being 
> enhanced at a few versions of the tools back.  To develop toolchains 
> with more recent versions or gcc or binutils should I look at adding 
> code to crosstool, or work on adding s390 support to crosstool-ng?

As Thomas pointed out, I would be glad if someone ( you? :-) ) would
submit patches to support another architecture! That should be quite
easy, basically adding a file in config/arch/ and another one
in scripts/build/arch/ .

> I guess I am really trying to understand the relationship between the 
> two projects.

Basically, crosstool-NG started as a fork of (the original) crosstool;
over time it grew many enhacements. Unfortunately, lacking the appropriate
hardware (and time!) I can not test every architectures, so some archs
supported by crosstool have not yet been added/ported to crosstool-NG.

Yann E. MORIN.

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