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Re: crosstool-NG 1.4.0 is out


On Thursday 30 April 2009 10:10:32 Martin Guy wrote:
> >  You need the "ports" addon to build glibc for ARM:
> Is is feasible to make that choice automatic for the
> architectures/libc versions that need it?

It might be. But...

The problem will be maintainability. With every new glibc release, there
can be an updated list of architectures that require the ports addon, or
that no longer require it.

And the problem is worse when some arch have code in the standard release,
and also some extensions in ports, that you might or might not want. This
is the case for powerpc, for example.

So, coming up with a known heuristic for when to use the ports addon is
very complex. Of course, there could always be the possibility to always
use it. Archs that don't have support code in ports wouldn't care, arch
that have all their support code in ports would benefit. The problem would
be with archs that have support code in both, but you may want to disable
the specifics coming with ports.

See, the matter is quite complex.

A simple but ugly way would be to add ports selection in the arch specific
config file, but that just sounds plain wrong. I did separate the config
files for a reason. If we start to add glibc stuff in arch config files,
then what would prevent us from adding uClibc or eglibc stuff? From adding
other components stuff (binutils, kernel...)? Or the other way around,
from adding stuff for everything everywhere?

No. Let's just hint the user better.

Yann E. MORIN.

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