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Re: using crosstool ng for building win32 hosted cross compiler


Thanks for your answer.

>> I am currently using crosstool-ng to build a cross-toolchain for my
>> target (target=x86-bare, host=x86-linux, build=x86-linux)
>> Now I also need the same toolchain that can run on a Windows host
>> (target=x86-bare, host=x86-mingw, build=x86-linux)
> That's a canadian-cross, and crosstool-NG does not yet handle this
> case.

I know... not yet!

> But it should be fine with:
> ?host=x86-mingw, build=x86-mingw, target=x86-bare

And this is what I wanted to prevent....
I prefer building on Linux, one build system for all platforms and
tools; usually cross-compiling Linux stuff on a Windows box is just
pain. Unfortunately there are application engineers that are addicted
to Windows for whom I need a cross-compiler, so let's try to build one
on Linux...
I did it before (a few years ago) with my own set of dirty scripts
which needs severe update. So I wanted to get it all going inside
crosstool-ng. Back then I did it with first building the linux hosted
toolchain, and finally replace every executable by its Windows
counterpart by only building binutils and gcc for mingw. I was
wondering if such a route was still possible, and if so: how to
integrate that in crosstool-ng?

> Also, please note that 1.4.0 can now be used under Cygwin.
> If you can't build under mingw, then maybe Cygwin would be a good
> fallback/workaround...

Cygwin compiles slower and is annoying if make tooling is used that
works outside the cygwin environment (and that do not understand the
cygwin path-naming).

>> Is there an lightweight way possible to make crosstool-ng build only
>> the win32 executables by using a mingw cross-compiler, and using the
>> linux-hosted-toolchain-build-results as starting point? If so, where
>> in the build process ct-ng performs could this be added?
>> I guess, as mingw cross-compiler the i586-mingw32msvc-gcc from Ubuntu
>> can be used...
> Unfortunately, canadian-cross is not yet supported.

I know it is not supported, and I wanted to do something about the
'not yet' part...

> I don't have enough
> time to test it, but most of the infrastructure should already be here.
> Most probably, a matter of:
> - set "Paths and misc options" --> "Experimental" (to see next option)
> - set "Toolchain options" --> "Type" --> "Canadian"
> - set "Toolchain options" --> "Host system" --> "Tuple"

If I start using it, crosstool-ng complains about 'no-code'
So, where to start to implement it nicely?

> This will be like hunting for a dear treasure in a dungeon full of traps
> and monsters, with only a one-hand sword, a few spells and a lot of good
> will. May the dice be with you!

That is what compiling glibc on Windows inside mingw is as well ;-)
(Unless you walked that road before)

Kind Regards,


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