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crosstool-NG 1.4.0 is out

Hello All!

I am pleased to announce the release of crosstool-NG 1.4.0!
This release has been delayed for quite some time, due to personal
constraints, and other unexpected interruptions along the way...

As usual, there has been quite a number of improvements, new features,
and bug fixes all around.

Most notably, it's now possible to use the latest glibc versions, 2.8
and 2.9, as well as the latest uClibc versions, 0.9.30 and
Other components, of which GMP, MPFR, strace, have also been updated.

The list of samples has been updated, and has grown a few new entries.

This marks the end of the 1.3 maintenance branch, and the beginning
of the 1.4 maintenance branch.

The tarball and changelog can be found at the following URLs:

The cumulative patches (none at present!) will be available at:

As a reminder, the home for crosstool-NG is:

Crosstool-NG also has a Freshmeat page:

As always, comments and suggestions are most welcome!

Thank you to those who sent patches, code, or comments! If you are not
listed in docs/CREDITS and you think you should, please do yell at me,
you'll be added promptly!

Thanks for your attention,
Yann E. MORIN.

|  Yann E. MORIN  | Real-Time Embedded | /"\ ASCII RIBBON | Erics' conspiracy: |
| +0/33 662376056 | Software  Designer | \ / CAMPAIGN     |  ___               |
| --==< ^_^ >==-- `------------.-------:  X  AGAINST      |  \e/  There is no  |
| | _/*\_ | / \ HTML MAIL    |   v   conspiracy.  |

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