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Re: suggested patch for prompting for kernel version instead of using a static list


On Wednesday 01 April 2009 19:32:36 Stefan Hallas Andersen wrote:
> Attached is a patch to crosstool-ng v.1.3.2 which will prompt for a
> kernel version to be used instead of a static list,

The 1.3 series will not have new features added: it is in maintenance only
and gets only bugfixes.

New features are added on /trunk, and once that is ready, a branch for
the new series will be created, and in its turn will get only bug-fixes,
while new features get again added to /trunk.

And /trunk has much more kernel versions available than the /old/ 1.3

Now, feature-wise, prompting for the version as a string rather than
as a list makes the kernel menu different from the other components,
unless all components are migrated to this.

It also means crostool-NG can no longer offer a comprehensive patchset
for each supported version of each component. At least, it makes it
harder to maintain...

Also, it is error-prone, as the user can make a typo while entering the
version string.

Know also, that you can direct crosstool-NG to using a pre-existing
set of headers by using the option KERNEL_LINUX_USE_CUSTOM_DIR (in the
1.3 series), and KERNEL_LINUX_USE_CUSTOM_HEADERS (in trunk).

On the other hand, we can add an entry to the version list that would
allow the user to enter the version as a string, but that would be
correctly protected behind EXPERIMENTAL, so that the user is informed
he/she's at risk when not using the available versions from the list.

Yann E. MORIN.

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