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Re: --doubt?

Poornachandran, RajeshX wrote:
 I don't clearly what you are doing in this part of code in

for file in; do
  for lib in lib lib64 usr/lib usr/lib64; do
	if test -f ${SYSROOT}/$lib/$file && test ! -h
${SYSROOT}/$lib/$file; then
		mv ${SYSROOT}/$lib/$file ${SYSROOT}/$lib/${file}_orig
		if test -z "$USE_SYSROOT"; then
's,/usr/lib/,,g;s,/usr/lib64/,,g;s,/lib/,,g;s,/lib64/,,g;/BUG in
libc.scripts.output-format.sed/d' < ${SYSROOT}/$lib/${file}_orig >
		  sed '/BUG in libc.scripts.output-format.sed/d' <
${SYSROOT}/$lib/${file}_orig > ${SYSROOT}/$lib/$file

Could you please let me know what you are doing in the above mentioned

Two things: getting rid of the "BUG" line (see and, for 64 bit systems, adjusting a path (see

Do I need this part when I build with gcc-3.4.0 ?

Probably.  You ask a lot of questions, but you don't say
what problems you're running into.  Are you actually running
the scripts, or just desk-checking them?
- Dan

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