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Re: gcc-2.95.3-5, where "as"?

On 25-May-04, Daniel Kegel wrote:
>lazer1 wrote:
>>>I think --target=ppc-morphos should do it, but you may need to
>>>update e.g. gcc/config.gcc to handle that...
>> gcc --target=ppc-morphos -c xyz.c -o xyz.o
>> has the same problem,
>> there being no gcc/config.gcc 

>look in gcc/gcc/config.gcc (it's kind of buried).  That
>eventually gets invoked by gcc/configure.

I will have a look,

>> I looked through gcc/configure 
>> and --with-as looks promising so I will try reconfiguring with
>> ....../gcc-2.95.3-5/configure --with-as=/gg/bin/ppc-morphos-as
>> --target=powerpc-unknown-morphos .......
>> and see if that does it,
>> there is also an option --with-ld which may also be useful,

>Those sound like fine things to try...

--with-as seems to have done it, I have to give the full path as it 
appears to look at the file to see if it is executable rather than 
by trying to run it,

(--with-as=ppc-morphos-as fails)

I will look at gcc/gcc/config.gcc that you mention above in case 
it sheds any light on this or other matters,

gcc-morphos-2.95.3-5 is proving quite tricky to build, 

I am trying my 3rd attempt to build it, 
in my 2nd attempt I found that -O2 always crashed the cross compiler,
:I completed the 2nd attempt but gcc -O2 crashes, so am rebuilding yet again,

changing configure options seems to make a difference,

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