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Re: libstdc++ ignores --with-sysroot? [was: crosstool-0.28-rc13+arm9 softfloat, sysroot success]

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
One small issue with the 'libstdc++' libs not being put in
'sys-root/usr/lib'.  Not a big deal if just using C.

Yes, these end up in $PREFIX/arm-linux/lib instead of (as I expected) $PREFIX/arm-linux/sys-root/usr/lib, just like libgcc_s, libsupc++ and libiberty. I have no idea why. Does anyone on the list know the rationale behind this?

Nope. I bet the libstdc++ developers just haven't cottoned on to gcc's --with-sysroot configure option yet.

IMO, gcc's / libstdc++'s behavior is correct, because it treats sys-root as read-only directory and puts all generated files (headers, libs etc.) into its private directories. libstdc++ and its headers are such private files.

Thanks for the explanation! - Dan

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