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libgcc.a and fixincl now ok!


a while ago I mentioned here the problem of 
libgcc.a not building and fixincl not functioning 
in my attempt to generate 68k hosted i686-pc-aros gcc-3.3.1,

well I eventually managed to fix the problem thus:

in the file gcc/fixinc/

I needed to insert some extra lines, indicated by + :

case $build in
i?86-*-msdosdjgpp* | \
*-*-beos* )
MAKE="${MAKE} TARGETS=twoprocess"

+   *-*-amigaos* | *-*-aros*)
+   MAKE="${MAKE} TARGETS=twoprocess"
+   ;;

vax-dec-bsd* )
CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -Dexit=xexit -Datexit=xatexit"
MAKE="${MAKE} TARGETS=oneprocess"

(YAM has mangled the spaces + tabs a bit! )

various directories and files are then found to be missing 
which I have to copy by hand into the build directory,


also atomicity.h needs to be supplied, so I reused the 68k version,
the install however seems to use a totally different atomicity.h,

no idea how to do this properly,

but the build completes with all errors fixed,

so I get libgcc.a and also the cross compiler correctly 
compiles example AROS graphics demo programs (ie the binaries 
run correctly),

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