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Re: crosstool + ptxdist

NGB wrote:
I'm at war trying to get crosstools to build ptxdist
right now it fails at:

/networking/networking.a(iproute.o)(.text+0x18): In function `iproute_main':
 undefined reference to `ip_parse_common_args'

it looks like libiproute isn't included in the busybox build !!
Before I start digging to see what is wrong why is the ptxdist version stuck on "ptxdist-testing-20031113" ?

'Cause that's the last time I tried building it, I guess. I really should give that a try again, thanks for the problem report.

Has anyone managed to get ptxdist to build for an ARM platform ?

I only used it for sh-4, I think.

If so would you mind sharing your ptx.config and ?
Does anyone know if there is an archive for the ptx mailing list ?

Not online. The ptx people have good memories, though.

- Dan

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