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Re: crosstool-0.28-rc16 doubts

On Wed, 2004-05-19 14:25:14 -0700, Daniel Kegel <>
wrote in message <>:

> There's a patch to add uclibc support to crosstool.  I plan to
> apply it after 0.28.

*That's* good news! The vax-linux folks already have a working uClibc,
maybe with this one I can get a working (up-to-date) GCC :)

> Excellent.  One of the reasons I wrote crosstool was to serve
> as a reference so people could see a working example.  Hope it's
> useful for you.  (I even hope you might incorporate it into your

For vax-linux, I've written a shell script that downloads all
components, creates release tarballs, unpacks and patches sources, and
then starts your I admit that I don't really like (nor
need) all the other scripts, but is *really* worth a lot.
Again: thanks!


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