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FW: Testing ARM-Linux Toolchain


 I have successfully built a cross compiler tool chain for ARM-Linux. But, I have a few questions about how to
 "properly" test it. Given the fact that GCC and it's related tools include testsuites, I would like to use them. Thing
 is, my target hardware platform wont arrive for awhile and I would like to begin testing the tool chain before it does.
 I have seen/read documents describing the use of GDBs simulator to test the toolchain, but I am still abit confused as
 to how/ or if this is even possible given my current setup.
 Host Platform:    x86 running RedHat
 Target Platform: 	Intel Development Board with PXA27X processor
 Toolchain Versions:	GCC 3.3.2
 				GLibC 2.3.2
 				Bin Utilities 2.14
 >From what I understand, if I want to test with the cpu simulator, I will have to replace glibc with newlib and set my
 build target to arm-elf. I'm not intamitly familar with the differences between newlib/glibc and arm-elf/arm-linux. 
 Why might these changes be needed ? What does arm-elf/nelib buy me that arm-linux/glibc cannot ?
 If anybody speak from experience about how to best test a toolchain (without the hardware), it would be greatly 


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