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crosstool-0.28-rc16: lots of little improvements, beginnings of canadiancross support

Thanks to everyone who resent (or sent in new) patches.
This is really close to release.  Please test
(especially please verify that I applied your patch
or idea in a working way).

You can download crosstool snapshots from


     * copied binutils-m68k-ignore-comments.patch to patches/binutils-2.14.92

Cleaning out the patch queue:
     * patch idea from AJLuse 3/2004:
       - Added SHARED_MODE option to allow caller to enable/disable build of shared libraries.
       - Keep copy from PowerPC NOF directory from failing if nothing there.
     * patch idea from Jan-Benedict Glaw:
       - extract kernel version from its Makefile rather than its directory name
     * patches from Jan-Benedict Glaw:
       - better error message for ppc64* targets (vs. powerpc*)
       - support vax (!)
     * assume canadian cross if BUILD and HOST are set by caller (untested)

     * patch from Hideki IWAMOTO: fix --builduserspace typo
     * patch from Judith Lebzelter of OSDL: fall back to passive ftp if wget fails first time
     * patch from Olexiy Avramchenko: unpack/download $PTXDIST_DIR only if set earlier in
     * patch from AJLuse: don't fail if tmp already exists, just clean old output files

     * (patch from AJLuse 3/2004; seems risky to me, but someone might like it):
       - Create SRC_DIR if it does not exist.
       - If building to a potentially shared tree only delete TARGET files.

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