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Re: binutils- problem on cygwin?

Gernot.Frisch wrote:
| OK. (You do need to match the gcc version of the target system, then.)

Oh dear... Why that? Can't I just compile the .a and the system files here and run the (complete) binary on any linux machine?

Because of shared libraries. You should test the resulting executable on the systems you want to run on. If it fails to run because the system doesn't have the right version of, try linking the executable directly with libstc++.a. This is tricky -- you may need some other options.

| Here are two messages describing the problem, with proposed fixes:
| | Can you make sure you have bison and flex installed?
| Also, can you make sure there are no spaces in any directory names
| in PATH?

No spaces (hate them) and I donwloaded flex and bison (bin and src) right now. I'll try tonight and see what happens.

Good luck! BTW, I'm cc'ing the crossgcc mailing list so that others who run into these problems have a better chance finding answers when they do a google search. You should probably subscribe to that list, and ask your questions directly there; that way if I'm not around, someone else can answer. - Dan

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