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Re: Compiling for ppc405 with crosstool 0.27 on cygwin seg. faults

>>>Caution: I never added Java fixes for ppc405's erratum 77!
>>>See and be very
>>>suspicious on threading problems on older ppc405 chips in java.
>> Eeeww... Do you have an idea whether this has any effect on the 405EP?
> You need to go find the IBM Errata sheet for the chip in question.
> It's at
> I believe the same problem might be present there, renamed CPU_210.
Well, the errata at that site doesn't contain a bug named CPU_210, nor anything
similar to the problem in erratum 77.

> The gcc bug report for this was
Further, according to the final comment in gcc's bugtracking system, it
should be fixed in gcc 3.3:
"GCC 3.3 includes the fix when GCC is configured for PPC405."

> Only now am I testing gcj at all, and don't use the ppc405 anymore (I
switched jobs).
Now that's a shame (o:


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