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Re: how customise specs?

On 11-May-04, Carl Miller wrote:
>> if I replace
>> *libgcc:
>> -lgcc
>> by 
>> *libgcc:
>> I get an error message that the specs file is malformed,
>> but other labels in that specs file have empty contents so why 
>> not this one,

>Did you just delete the "-lgcc" line, or did you replace it with
>a blank line?  Specs files go:

you may be right, I didnt realise it mattered,

>iterate {
>   <variable>
>   <value>
>   <blank line>

>If you want to assign a variable a null value, I think you need
>two blank lines between the variable name and the next variable
>name -- one for the null value and one for the mandatory blank line.

I will try this out, 

I wish they had an interactive shell script for customising these things,

I wish also that the builds were interactive, eg questions:

"do you wish xyz library to be shared? (y/n)"

for my own programs I always use interactive shell scripts eg:

do you want interaction?  

(no => no further questions)

do you want to recompile from scratch?

do you want to regenerate external dependencies from scratch?

Any part of the build which requires free will should 
ask the user a question,

some of the questions will then call other scripts which may 
ask their own questions,

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