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Re: Cross compler for ppc succeeds on Linux, fails on Cygwin

Don Parsons wrote:
OK, I just replaced cygwin1.dll with the May 7th one and ran. Rather
than 1 hour 20 minutes on Linux (1.1GHz Athlon) it took 3 hours 25
minutes under Cygwin on the same computer to complete the powerpc
cross-compiler successfully with no problems at all.  So my problem was
just a broken cygwin1.dll, i.e., the 1.5.9-1 version.


BTW I think starting new programs is slow on Windows; a lot
of the extra time is in running all those little config script

I have not yet benchmarked cygwin as a distcc server, maybe
it wouldn't be as slow at that (less executing of new programs).
Or then again, maybe it'll take a MinGW port before Windows
can be a good distcc server, who knows.

I glad Dan suggested the snapshot as I would not have thought of using

I had the bad luck to get 1.5.9-1 right when it came out. Had the darnedest time figuring out why I couldn't build glibc! Finally tracked it down to a problem with cygwin1.dll. Sure wish they'd release a new version, it's getting old telling people about the snapshot. - Dan

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