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Re: Cross compler for ppc succeeds on Linux, fails on Cygwin

On Sun, 2004-05-09 at 20:50, Dan Kegel wrote:
> Don Parsons wrote:
> > Yes I am running cygwin-1.5.9-1 on Win2000 and do not have the cygwin
> > snapshot. I will try the snapshot maybe tomorrow night.

> Good.  BTW it looks like the *shell script* is what crashed,
> not the test program.  Thus your test case should not be just
> the C program, but rather the configure script portion that
> creates and compiles the test program, I think.
> - Dan

Yes, it seems unrelated to the _doprnt test since with doprnt set to
(cached) 'no' it still crashes immediately after it:

checking for vfork... yes
checking for working fork... yes
checking for working vfork... (cached) yes
checking for _doprnt... (cached) no
      8 [main] sh 728 cmalloc: cmalloc returned NULL
Signal 11
make: *** [configure-libiberty] Error 1

And the  config.log  now has _doprnt: no in it:
configure:5735: result: yes
configure:5896: checking for _doprnt
configure:5983: result: no

I had tried to debug the script with set -x but it got reset to set +x
on entry into libiberty!?  It's late, so will have to continue tomorrow
night.  The snapshot site was dead for some time, but I've got now the
newest cygwin1 snapshot ready to try tomorrow.

Thanks for your suggestions,

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