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Re: Cross compler for ppc succeeds on Linux, fails on Cygwin

On Sun, 2004-05-09 at 19:06, Dan Kegel wrote:
> Don Parsons wrote:

> > Using the same setup and latest cygwin as of yesterday, it fails early
> > in binutil/libiberty when ./configure tests for _doprnt :
> > Is there an environment variable you could set to say _doprnt answer is
> > "no" and skip testing?
> You can find this yourself, if you're brave enough, by reading the
> configure script.  Let's see... yes, I think
> export ac_cv_func__doprnt=no

I will try as soon as I can reboot into Windows 2000 SP4.

> would do it.  Odd that sh is crashing on you, though.  I haven't seen that.
> What operating system are you running?  And are you running cygwin-1.59.1?
> Finally, did you download the latest *snapshot* of cygwin1.dll?  It's at

Yes I am running cygwin-1.5.9-1 on Win2000 and do not have the cygwin
snapshot. I will try the snapshot maybe tomorrow night.

> Thanks.  Can you explain what you needed the option
>    --enable-threads=posix

Only because it seems that gcc -v on most/all linux distributions show
this, maybe it is automatic even if you don't ask for it---need to test
that.  I.e., I don't know, I assumed it was the normal choice.

> for?  I used to have that, but I think it turned out to cause problems
> when compiling with glibc-2.1.3.  And even LFS stopped recommending it:
> Also, I'm not familiar with stabs format; what made you need to do
>    --with-stabs --without-dwarf1 --without-dwarf2
> ?  (I'm just curious.)

A vendor supplied cross-compiler, gcc -v shows them using these settings
and I just made the same choices (to be compatible).  This vendor's
compiler also show the posix threads selection.

> It might be good if you could create a minimal test case for
> the doprnt problem, and submit a bug report to Cygwin...
> - Dan

I try to find time to extract the C test program and see if it crashes,
if the latest cygwin snapshot fails to fix it.

Thanks very much for your suggestions,

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