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Re: crosstool-0.28-rc7, host cygwin, target ARM

Michael Röhner wrote:
Very little, ugly "test program":

  #include <stdio.h>
  #include <float.h>

  int main(void)
      float f1,f2;


      f1 = 12.3;
      f2 = 45.6;
      printf("%f\n",f1 / f2 * 10.0);

      return (0);

Compiled with
  CFLAGS = -Wall -O2 -march=armv4 -mtune=strongarm1100
  CFLAGS = -Wall -static -O2 -march=armv4 -mtune=strongarm1100


                toolchain  -static                 dynamic link
gcc     libc    compile    test program            test program

2.95.3  2.1.3   +          +                       +
3.3.2   2.3.2   +          2 illegal instruction   [ 1 float output error ]
3.3.3   2.1.3   3 error    -                       -
3.3.3   2.3.2   +          2 illegal instruction   [ 1 float output error ]
3.4.0   2.3.2   +          +                       [ 1 runtime link error ]
3.4.0   2.1.3   4 error    -                       -

(What do + and - mean? + means worked, and - means didn't try?)

The float output error is probably fixed by crosstool-0.28-rc*/contrib/glibc-vfp.patch
Try copying that into patches/glibc-2.3.2 and see if that helps... but come to think
of it, maybe it won't, since you are running against 2.1.3.  Hrmph.

(1) Ok, since tested on a system with only libc 2.1.3 .so installed
    (not enough disk space to install new libc).

(2) It seems to me that there is an error in libc. Maybe false target
    or maybe compiled for xscale instruction set, but has to run on
    StrongARM which does not have  some (dsp like) instructions
    implemented or ... ? - Or missed I something and xscale compiling
    is default (instruction set > armv4) for some newer compilers?

Yes, maybe you need to set a cpu option; you can set -mcpu=xxxx in TARGET_CFLAGS, and --with-cpu=xxxx and --enable-cxx-flags=-mcpu=xxxx in GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG, like ppc405.dat does, maybe.

Another question: For example, is it possible to compile with
gcc 3.3.3 and libc 2.1.3 toolchain (assuming (3) is solved),
and run against gcc 2.95.3 compiled libc 2.1.3 .so ?

Yes. There might be some problem if the app needs, but that's probably just exception handling, so if you're doing plain C apps, you're probably fine. I just did this today, a couple test apps ran fine (on x86). Didn't try anything that needed

There have been some good posts on lately, be sure to ask there too.

Reading the list I see that there are newer unofficial? releases of crosstool.
Regarding rc7 is newest.
But I found

Does it make sense to do my tests with this version?
Do you know a URL or mailing list where the release candidates were announced?
I took a 0.28-rc instead 0.27 for better cygwin support.

crosstool-0.28-rc12 has only small improvements over rc7; I was trying out lots of little things for sparc64 etc. Either it or rc7 is fine. The release candidates are announced to when they're worth mentioning.

In the crosstool directory are gcc*dat files for possible combinations with
libc. And there is a, inside not so much combinations. So, is it
useless to try other combinations as in

Wie bitte? :-)

The demo-arm*.sh files were really quickly thrown together,
I'm sure they could be improved.

Do you know if you want soft-float, by the way?


Dan Kegel

My technical stuff:
My politics: see for examples of why I'm for regime change

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