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Re: change just host of cross compiler

On 06-May-04, Kai Ruottu wrote:
>lazer1 wrote:

>> I use a 68k Amiga  (m68k-unknown-amigaos),
>> I wish to create a 68k Amiga hosted cross compiler for AROS,
>> ie I just wish to change just the host to my machine of the 
>> existing cross compiler, target remains identical,
>> On the 68k Amiga I use a native gcc-2.95.3-4, and there is a full 
>> suite of native build tools, make, sed, awk, etc,

>  But is it really suitable as being your preferred build platform?

I know my way around it,

>> I dont quite see where the existing Linux-host:AROS-target gcc source 
>> enters the picture,

>  In quite usual case one chooses the best available Unix-like platform
>as the build platform, then creates crosstools for the other 'secondary'
>not-so-Unix-like hosts. Then produces all the toolchains on that chosen
>build platform using the crosstools...

>  My choice as the build platform was Linux/x86 and the 'secondary' hosts
>are DOS/DJGPP2, Windoze/Cygwin, Windoze/MinGW and Sparc/Solaris2.7 for
>which I have created at least two toolchains per host. I have/had cross-
>tools for BeOS/x86, OS2/emx, MIPS/SVR4, SCO Unix 3.2, SCO Xenix 2.3,
>UnixWare 1.1, FreeBSD/x86, NetBSD/x86 etc. but haven't built any toolchains
>for them for years... I never have had a cross toolchain for AmigaOS/m68k
>but maybe I could find some insane reason for producing it...

it would be for emulated 68k, not real 68k,

only thing is, I have just moved to x86, and I want to move to AROS,

so I dont want to go:

68030 Amiga 1200 --> Windows XP Intel Celeron --> Linux --> AROS,

by using WinUAE, I remain in the identical environment of 68030 Amiga 1200 
ie I go:

68k emulated Amiga --> AROS, bypassing 2 alien platforms,

>  The existing crosscompiler comes into picture when producing your
>AmigaOS-x-AROS crosscompiler on your possibly chosen Linux build

>> any advice on how I proceed?

>  Hehheh, using a m68k platform to build... What 'm68k', how many MIPS?
>Believe me, I wouldn't consider anything slower than a Pentium 120 MHz
>as the build platform nowadays...

its emulated 68k, according to the Benchmark programs 
WinUAE emulated 68020 is 972 MIPS, and 331 MFlops, ie its 8 x as fast 
as your Pentium, AROS is going to be many times faster beyond as its 

my machine is 2.6GHz, ie 20 x as fast as your Pentium, so 
AROS should be 20 x as fast as your Pentium, ne ne ne-ne ne,

bet you never thought a 68020 could be 8 x as fast as a Pentium,
albeit a virtual 68020,

actual observed speed is 10 x less than the benchmark, 
but thats probably also true of your Pentium,

Linux and Unix are too dry for me, too much learning curve and 
committees with a 1000 drafts and bloat on *nix,
I also find that Linux people are a bit weird, a bit like vampires,
the Unix people are ok though,
I prefer the "fun" and delinquency of AmigaOS,

Windows XP like wearing a strait jacket,

Cygwin looks useful and familiar as its a rich cousin of Geekgadgets,

Building gcc on my 68030 A1200 will probably be impractical,
on that I agree,

>  If you have a > 1 GHz PC, who you can even think using something like
>a 20 MHz m68020 as the build platform?  1.6 MIPS versus 1600 MIPS with
>a Duron 1600 MHz...

the emulated 68020 FPU is 972 MIPS, so its 60% as fast as your Duron,

the machine itself is 2.6GHz, so AROS should be 1.6 x as fast as your 
Duron, and its an entry level machine, ie nothing special,

>  What becomes to a Linux-x-AmigaOS cross-toolchain, you maybe don't even
>need to build it yourself, others have found out this being needed:

If I go to Linux, then I may as well use the Linux-x-AROS toolchain 
which already exists in much fullness,

I am trying to avoid Linux though, otherwise I have to trudge through 
so many transit operating systems, 
I am starting to get operating system fatigue!

oh god, not another OS, please, leave me in peace in my 68k bubble,

and which Linux? its going to take me more time to decide + download + 
figure out than it is just to generate the cross compiler,

and I will probably download a duff Linux and have to go through the 
whole thing again,

I like the challenge of bringing 68k AmigaOS to parity with other systems,
even if we never fully catch up, 

generating a cross compiler gcc for me is a very interesting project,
so I want to do it for the hell of it if for nothing else,

can you think of a more interesting for-the-hell-of-it project?

>----------------------------- clip ---------------------------------

>On Wed, 28 Apr 2004 15:23:54 +0200
>Gabriele Greco <> wrote:

> > Markus Heinz wrote:
> >
> > > I would like to know if it is possible to build a cross compiler
> > > out of gcc and binutils which runs on i386-linux and produces
> > > m68k-amigaos programs. Unfortunately I cannot find a list which
> > > targets are supported by gcc/binutils. Is m68k-amigaos still
> > > supported in the recent versions of gcc and binutils, and if not,
> > > what are the last versions of both which supported this target? Has
> > > anyone done this before?
> >
> > You could find a precompiled one at the following URL:
> >
> >

if I go down the Linux path then I will try this,

> >
> > It's compiled for an old red hat but works correctly also with a newer
> > one or another distribution (using rpm2tgz or alien). In the site
> > you'll find also the patches needed to build it AFAIK you can find
> > also the needed patches for newer gccs at in the
> > alpha directory.

>Thank you very much. With the help of the tutorial at [1] I have managed
>to build a working cross-compiler out of gcc 3.3.3.


I will study this, geekgadgets is so labyrinthine that it 
has lots of useful things that I never find,

usually I visit it as which is totally different 

>Best regards,


>Visit my homepage:
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>> should I use the Linux-host:AROS-target sources in place of the 
>> (gcc+gas+gld+binutils+gdb+newlib) suite in the FAQ

>  Most probably this is the right choice. The Linux-x-AmigaOS doesn't
>need to be from the same sources, you can think it being just another
>kind of native GCC with which to produce other toolchains...

>> the Canadian Cross scenario sounds too general for this scenario,

>  What was suggested here, is just the Canadian cross, requiring three
>different GCCs (for build, host and target), all hosted on the build
>system for producing anything...

>  The scheme goes:

>  1. produce the toolchain for the primary (build) host

step 1. is all I need for this (I think)

>  2. produce the toolchain for all the secondary hosts. Cross-tools
>     for the secondary hosts must pre-exist

>  And you must handle the configury system as a stupid soldier for
>which everything must be told exactly, never forget to tell what
>the '--build=', '--host=' and '--target=' are...

>Cheers, Kai

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Want more information?  See the CrossGCC FAQ,
Want to unsubscribe? Send a note to

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