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Re: change just host of cross compiler

On 05-May-04, Daniel Kegel wrote:
>lazer1 wrote:
>> my previous post doesnt seem to have appeared,
>> so I am just testing to see if this one gets 
>> through,

>Both made it through.  We're just not quite sure how to answer :-)

>You might ask the folks at
>who claim to have built a gcc targeting aros...
>I personally have never heard of aros.
>- Dan

I have begun attempting a build, 
so far so good,

its currently in progress building binutils,
I am following the ideas in the FAQ but not the 
specific details, so eg I am building the current 
binutils, 2.14 rather than 2.9 of the FAQ,

not yet reached building gcc,

the build is on WinUAE's emulated 68k AmigaOS,
this unfortunately doesnt support file links,
so whenever a file link happens the build breaks 
and I have to simulate the link via "cp realfile pretendfile",
and restart the build,

I wonder if they can modify the builds to detect filesystems 
which dont support links and use "cp" instead,

todays filesystems are so absurdly huge (eg 120Gig) that filelinks 
are not such a big deal anymore especially in the context of builds,

alternatively I wonder if they could rethink the builds to 
avoid needing file links, eg all the Makefile's could build a library 
to an absolute directory path, this would avoid the links of 
../ to which must be a result of using relative paths,

AmigaOS's FFS supports links correctly, but WinUAE redirects 
to Windows XP's filesystem and they havent redirected the 
links properly,

I will report back on how I fare,


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